Writing Meme, Day 25

25. Do any of your characters have pets? Tell us about them.

The only person in any of my novels that has a pet is Henry from Phooka Tales, who is Phooka’s owner.  But since the book is named after Phooka, he’s more than just a random pet.  He helps save the day a couple times, and talks to Holly (or at least Holly thinks he does).

Oh, and Kindra gets a horse later in Fie Eoin.  Well, the tribe gets a horse and since it’s a sacred animal belonging to her ancestor Ian Odion, she is the only one allowed to handle the horse.  She thinks he’s a monster for a while (and he acts like a little monster for a while) but she ends up loving him.  He doesn’t follow her around like a pet though – he’s penned so he won’t run away.

I can’t think of any other animals in my writing.  My own pets play a huge part of my life, but since I love dialogue so much I guess they just don’t make it into the stories.


Published by

Rebecca Enzor

Rebecca Enzor is a chemist in Charleston, SC who writes Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy and Magical Realism. Repped by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary. Her debut novel, SPEAK THE OCEAN, comes out with Reuts Pub in Fall 2018!

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