NaNoWriMo Day 21

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So, by now it’s a pretty good guess that I’m behind and I’m not catching up. And I’ve been wanting to write anything but BoS (yesterday while at work I even started storylining a Phooka Tales sequel, which I had never even considered before now). And more importantly I’ve wanted to write Fie Eoin. So today I decided I would.

Enter Karigan, the newest character in BoS. She dropped out of a tree with a spear in her hand and although I was really tempted to name her Kindra there were two problems with that. A) Kindra does not act anything like her daughter and this girl is much more like her daughter, and B) Kindra does not like heights and would not be up in a tree in the first place. Besides, as much as I love Kindra, I really really like writing Karigan.

It’s a dirty trick, I’m breezing through her introduction in the story. This might be just the dirty little trick I need to not give up.

Neona, Sean and Ali: meet plot ninja Karigan.

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Rebecca Enzor

Rebecca Enzor is a chemist in Charleston, SC who writes Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy and Magical Realism. Repped by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary.

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 21”

  1. You aren’t alone! I missed several days of writing due to work demands and lost the whole story line. So, I started another one using one of the characters from the other novel. And no, I don’t see it as cheating because Sir A C Doyle did it in “A Study in Scarlet” if I remember it correctly.

  2. Lol! Gratz on your plot ninja!

    I’ve accepted the fact that I won’t get to 50,000 words by Nov. 30th, and I’ve made my peace with that. I’m focusing on writing a respectable first draft, whether I finish in November or December. 🙂

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