A New Look! And a blogfest!

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First things first: what do you think of the new look? I know it’s pretty similar to the old look (I like simple themes and colors) but it’s got a few more options and a handy custom menu up on top. Take a look, check it out, and let me know if the sidebar text is too large or small (I had to adjust the settings on my work computer because the sidebar text was so big, but it looked fine on my home computer). The buttons above have replaced the quick-refs that used to be on the sidebar so I could make room for a photo. Cause, you know, I don’t actually look like a stack of stickies.

Second: Welcome Crusaders!

For those of you who don’t know about the Writer’s Platform-Building Crusade the info is here. I joined before I was finished renovating the blog, so I wasn’t able to post about it in time for you to join, but never fear! Rach says she’ll be holding another Crusade for anyone who missed signing up this time around. I’ll let you know when she’s opened the Crusades to new members again!

And finally: Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ve joined the “Show Me The Love” Blogfest today, and there’s a bunch of mushy stuff about romance and my husband below. Scroll down if you dare.

1- What is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you? For our first (wedding) anniversary my husband planned a surprise trip to the Oregon Coast for me. I had no idea where we were going (certainly not across the country!) but we went to get massages the night before the trip and he was so relaxed he let it slip when he was paying. I was so excited I was jumping up and down in the massage parlor.

2- What is your favorite love song? “One Sweet Love” by Sarah Barellies (see #4 on this post for more on this song).

3- Do you have a favorite romantic movie or book? There are quite a few character relationships that I really love, but I don’t have a specific movie/book that I go to for romance. Grace and Sam from Shiver are probably at the top of my list right now (Can I have my own Sam Wolf please?) followed by my own Lane and Rebecca (yeah, I know they aren’t real big on the romance, but neither am I. They have a real relationship with problems, and they work them out).

4- Do you have any romantic plans for Valentine’s Day this year? My husband is making our old go-to romantic dinner from college: sausage and peppers. It may not sound awesome to you, but this is the meal I think of when I think of college-hubby romancing me (it was easy to make in a George Forman grill and a microwave).

5- What’s your favorite romantic treat? Wine. I like chocolate too, especially around Valentine’s Day, but I’d rather drink wine than eat chocolate any day.

Check out the answers from the other blogfest participants, and have a wonderful day full of Wine, Chocolate, and your favorite people!

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Rebecca Enzor

Rebecca Enzor is a chemist in Charleston, SC who writes Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy and Magical Realism. Repped by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary.

46 thoughts on “A New Look! And a blogfest!”

  1. Hello fellow Crusader! I can’t wait to get to know you and the others. I have one wip that will fall into the New Adult category and I’m calling it fantasy. My other stuff is adult sci fi fantasy mix.

    Heading to follow you on twitter too!

  2. LOL! Sausage and peppers sounds completely romantic, especially since it reminds you of that time!!! Hubby and me were away at school for a year together…..so many fond memories…..

    Thanks so much fr participating!!!

  3. I think your dinner sounds romantic since it brings you back to those early days! My husband and I have also been together since college, but back then our date night meals were mostly Ramen (so, so broke). So that doesn’t work quite so well for a nostalgic meal, MSG in a bowl. :p Have a great Valentine’s Day!

    1. hehe, we used to do a lot of Ramen too. We would crack and egg and add it slowly into the mix and that made it Fancy Ramen ;P I do also recall a week of Jello, because that’s all we could afford.

      Happy Valentines Day!

    1. It might be easier for you to come here than to get all the Asiagoans out there…. Just Saying 😉

      We might be out on the OR coast later this year. That’s a short drive from LA right? (Shorter than across the country, at least).

      And thank you 😀 I like the new look too, but I keep expecting to see the old layout still 😛

      1. You’re on Becka. The bf and I are planning a ginormous road trip of the South and eastern seaboard (so I can visit my folks in NYC) and if you’re serious, we’ll drop by Charleston to see you – ahem, y’all. Will you be around in May?

        And yeah…Oregon’s only 10 hours away from L.A……….(but considering we’re going to be visiting SC from Nashville or Miami…)

        1. End of May is when we will be in Key West, which is sort of close to Miami if you’re interested in going that far south 😉 But if you are here for the first half of May then OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS OF COURSE YOU ARE INVITED OVER!!!

          *ahem* We would kindly request your presence should you choose to honor us with it.

          Ya’ll 😉

  4. Hi there fellow crusader! *waves*
    Not that I knew what your old blog looked like, but I’m partial to the minimalist, clean designs so I like this look (Admittedly, I use this same WP theme, so, y’know, I *may* be biased…) 😉
    Look forward to following your journey!

  5. I love the new look – simple, pretty and easy to navigate! Also nice to see what you look like, you’re very pretty 🙂

    I just love the Valentine’s dinner – such a genuine and personal tradition, much better surfboard sized cards and dodgy chocolate.

    1. That’s so funny! My hubby cooks and I bake too 😛 I think it’s a chemist thing – we are very good at measuring out precise amounts and adding an exact amount of heat to them for an exact amount of time. Whereas cooking is much more “a pinch of this” and “until done” 😛

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