Another Blog Award!

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I told you last week about the Irresistibly Sweet award that I won, but I also received the Stylish Blogger Award from Laura AND Cally! (and you wondered why they are irresistibly sweet?) Thank you ladies!

The rules:

  1. Link back to the award givers.
  2. State Seven things about myself.
  3. Pass on the award to 15 recently discovered bloggers.

Seven Things about me!

1. I got married on an island that doesn’t allow cars. Everything is horse drawn carriages and bicycles, and I paid for my wedding by selling my collection of My Little Ponies (I had over three hundred at the time – it was quite a chunk of change). There were only 16 people present, including my hubby and I.

2. Sugar gives me bad canker sores, so I’ve stopped eating it. The smell of frosting now makes my stomach turn.

3. I’m starting to sorta, kind of enjoy editing. But don’t tell my WIP that 😉

4. I have been to Trinidad and Tobago twice, and Costa Rica once. The food was better in Trinidad, but the people are nicer in Costa Rica. The second time I went to Trinidad my HR manager’s parents made me a home-cooked Trini meal and it was awesome. They moved out of the country a few months later because it became too dangerous to stay.

5. All through High School I wanted to be a jazz singer. I almost failed Chemistry and decided I wanted to be a biologist when I dissected my first fish. All through college I wanted to be a marine biologist and ended up becoming a chemist instead. Now I want to be a writer. And I never sing anymore.

6. I am so scared of needles that when I broke my collarbone I wouldn’t let them give me morphine. Of course, I couldn’t fight back so they gave it to me anyways. And now I work with needles everyday (but still don’t like them coming at me!).

7. I believe in other worlds. I believe that Fie Eoin is out there somewhere in some other universe, and that I lived there once. But I do not believe I was Kindra, because that’s just crazy 😉

And now, 15 new-to-me bloggers that I think deserve the Stylish Blogger Award! (I could just point you to my sidebar of Crusaders, but that seems like cheating ;P)

Rachel Morgan

Kore Averna

Info Dump a la El

Anne-Mhairi Simpson

Liza Kane

Susan Fields

Purgatory (aka editing)

Margo Kelly

Literary Coldcuts

LB Diamond

Charity Bradford

Gina Blechman

KT Simpson

Gabrielle Anne

Chris Ledbetter

Whew! That’s a lot of new blogs to check out. And one of those lovely bloggers up there (LB Diamond, to be exact) is holding a Nature of Magic Blogfest! Go check it out if you are interested, and pop back over here on the 26th to find out what I believe the nature of magic is, as well as a little taste of the magic in Fie Eoin.

And later this week I’ll be back with a post saying that I’m done editing. I swear it this time! (This is taking much longer than I thought it would)

Published by

Rebecca Enzor

Rebecca Enzor is a chemist in Charleston, SC who writes Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy and Magical Realism. Repped by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary.

24 thoughts on “Another Blog Award!”

  1. Aww, thanks for the award and the blogfest shout out!!

    I loved all the things you shared about yourself–it’s fun getting to know people better. 😉

    1. Oh I agree completely – editing is taking so much longer than I thought it would. I cut things, and feel like I’m almost done, and then realize I need to write new things so it all makes sense >.< But it's so worth it 🙂

  2. Congrats on your bling! Looks good on you. 😉 So funny how our passions change. Jazz singer to writer, although the singing passion can carry into writing, making it soulful and deep.

    1. With just a short pitstop in science on the way ;P

      But actually, I’m glad I didn’t study writing in college, because I like going to my writing group and correcting someone who has used radiation in their scifi novel the wrong way, or help with some little bit of knowledge about laboratories that someone else might not know (for instance: contacts are a big no-no, they can melt to your eyes with the right fumes). So that part is really fun 🙂

  3. I cannot believe you sold your My Little Ponies. That is major. (The bf is trying to convince me that his expensive toy collection was for his future kid’s college tuition…)

    Congrats you are on a roll!

    And yes – of course I’m preparing to query SA!

    1. I still have all of my Wind Whistlers/”Pones” (including one that was Mint On Card and could have paid for the whole wedding herself!) as well as Cherries Jubilee and my custom ponies (I’ll have to show you when you come visit – we can play ponies!) but the rest were a nice chunk of change towards that awesome wedding 🙂 Plus, hubs HATED them, and I had him first (I started collecting the MLPs my sophomore year of college).

      I’m so close to being done with Chapter Six >:) And Chapter Eight is just a type-up-and-line-edit kind of thing. Nothing from 1-5 changed 8.

      Yay! SA! 😀 I will seriously dance with you when you sell it!

    1. I no longer sing because my voice sounds *horrible* to me now. My college didn’t have a good vocal music program, and I was too busy to join the choir anyways (I joined dance instead, which was great until I broke my collarbone :P) So I sing in the car with the music up loud, but no where else.

      You are welcome!

  4. Thank you so much! (secretly, I had one waiting in the wings for you, I’ve just not had time to whip up a blog post yet…soon though…be surprised) 😉
    Awesome job on editing your WIP thus far! I hope you enjoy playing the snot out of WoW!!

  5. Thank you for the award Rebecca. It is my first, as a new blogger. I am very honored!

    I used to be so scared of needles that I wouldn’t take Novocaine when they gave me fillings at the dentist. I got ten fillings (in my baby teeth) without any drugs. Why did I do that to myself?

    I am not as afraid of needles now, but I still don’t like pain so I try to avoid shots when I can.

    1. You are welcome, Liz!

      I have only ever had two cavities in my life, but both were filled sans novacaine as well. And knowing that needles are coming my way keeps any other drugs from working as well (laughing gas or vicoden). My mom used to have to sit on me when I got shots, so at least I’ve grown out of that 😉

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