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Sometimes it can be hard to remember all the rules of your world. Especially if you are writing fantasy. Especially if you are writing fantasy in a time period that most people don’t write about. While most of Fie Eoin takes place in an approximation of the Iron Age, Aleda’s Story is so far in the past that iron hasn’t been discovered and used yet (in fact, Gaerlom still doesn’t use much iron in FE, and the Faye won’t touch it at all). But when you are switching from present day to the past as often I as have been these last few weeks sometimes you get confused.

It took me two read-throughs of Aleda’s Story #2 to catch this little mistake, and even then I only thought of it on the way home in the car. I also caught a “year” in next week’s Aleda’s Story even though they have no concept of “years” (they count only summers, so if you are born in June and you make it to September you are already one summer old). And I’m constantly having to re-read Fie Eoin for any mention of “months” – they go by “moons” instead. It may seem silly, because these are all such small things, but these are just the type of things that a reader would catch, and it would draw them from the story. Once you’ve established the rules of your world you cannot change them. Readers are too smart for that.

Are there any rules that you find yourself constantly breaking in your world? Or are you one of those lucky ones that writes in the here and now? 🙂

And a small PSA: I’ll be in Key West for the next two weeks, taking a much-needed vacation and celebrating my 5th anniversary! I’ll still be posting Aleda’s Story on Fie Eoin Fridays, and I’m participating in the Power of Tension blogfest (hosted by fellow New Adult Crusaders Cally Jackson and Rachel Morgan), but I won’t be able to reply to comments until I return. I’m also being interviewed twice this week: Tuesday over at Cally’s blog, and Weds at JC Martin’s blog! I’ll post to remind you. And if you can, please do join the Power of Tension blogfest! It should be fun! 🙂

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Rebecca Enzor

Rebecca Enzor is a chemist in Charleston, SC who writes Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy and Magical Realism. Repped by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary.

8 thoughts on “Sticky #64”

  1. Hehe, that sticky note can definitely be applied to many things. 🙂 That’s the sort of problem many writers wouldn’t realise until after the book was published. 😀 Good catch!

  2. Tangled is set in 2002. While there’s no comparison to the Iron Age, there are still things I have to be careful of – no youtube, iphones, internet still mostly dial-up… Mainly technological stuff.

    Thanks so much for giving our blog fest a plug – much appreciated. I’m really looking forward to it. Hopefully it’ll be heaps of fun! 🙂

    1. I admit, I’m barely holding on to my pantser-ness. The pants and myself are very close to calling it quits. While I don’t outline, I take notes on stickies so obsessively that if you stuck them all together it would probably be an outline 😉

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