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It will probably come as no great surprise to you that I’m a bit of a earth-loving hippie, and as such I take a lot of my inspiration from nature. And the thing that has been inspiring me lately is heat lightning.

When I moved down to Charleston several years ago it seemed like there was never heat lightning. There were storms, and there was humidity (my gods was there humidity!), and there were oppressive summer nights, but never any heat lightning. Now that I think about it, it was probably too humid for me to sit outside and watch for heat lightning, but now that I have a backyard and I’m used to the weather I love to sit outside at night and look up at the stars and watch as the heat lightning becomes a storm. And now that this beautiful bit of weather is back in my life again, it’s making an appearance in my stories.

You may have noticed that yesterday’s Aleda’s Story had a bit of heat lightning in it. And although you can’t see it yet, the most recent scene of Fie Eoin also had heat lightning. It appears to be my latest nature fad. And now I can’t wait for dark to fall and the next storm to roll in so I can watch the silent flashes across the sky and dream up more scenes that promise stormy weather.

Is there something in nature that you find yourself writing into your stories? Do you have a nature fad?

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Rebecca Enzor

Rebecca Enzor is a chemist in Charleston, SC who writes Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy and Magical Realism. Repped by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary.

16 thoughts on “Sticky #65”

  1. I love to bring nature into my stories. Not only through descriptions, but as an overshadow for the scene. Thunderstorms are one of my favorite things to throw into a story.

  2. In my WIP, I have a huge blizzard. Does that count?

    Hey – sorry your comment got eaten on blogger! I hate when that happens! Enjoyed reading your shorter version though. So true – FB/Twitter is such an awesome community for writers. The support is amazing!

    1. Blizzards totally count! I wrote a blizzard into the first version of FE, but I realized that scene didn’t really add to the story so I took it out. I might have to find a new story for a blizzard >:)

  3. I tend to have a lot of rain in my books. Maybe it’s because I live in the desert and I miss rain storms? I don’t know but I LOVE rain and miss it. Great post! 😀

    1. I find myself writing a lot of weather (and foliage) that I miss from home too, so I don’t doubt that’s why!

      I wish it would rain more here too. Or, steadier I guess, since we get crazy storms for about a half hour at a time. I just want a nice, steady rain for an afternoon…

  4. Hm, can’t say I write that into my stuff a lot (though now I will be thinking about it!) I do like natural disaster movies, though: Twister, The Day After Tomorrow. The only nature thing I *do not* like are volcanoes. I don’t have a rational explanation, either. It’s not like I’ve ever lived near one or had a bad experience. They just freak me out.

    1. Volcanoes huh? ….You probably shouldn’t read Aleda’s Story then, since Mountain (a volcano, although they don’t understand that) is the cause of the mutated DNA that causes the wings on the Faye. But I don’t write that part! Just the after effects 🙂

      Maybe you lived in Pompeii in another lifetime…

        1. Oh, no river-of-lava deaths 🙂 Maybe a falling rock or two, but certainly no melting alive! Mountain is just there as a vehicle for me to change the babies DNA so they can have wings (cause I need for things to be at least pseudo-scientific in my fantasy novels :P)

  5. On the other hand you will find many credible sources telling you that heat lightning does not exist. But this is mostly a matter of semantics…..Heat lightning you see is not a unique form of lightning but normal thunderstorm lightning that flashes too far away from the observer for its thunder to be heard.

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