My Little Pony

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Pone drawn by... you guessed it: Me!

If you’ve been hanging out over at Angela Wallace’s blog or Sonia G Medeiros’ blog for the past week you might have noticed my comments about My Little Ponies. And how I might have been a little bit obsessed with them in college. Turns out quite a few people were in love with MLP’s too (probably when they were a little younger than college). And since this is the month of Trying New Things on the blog, I thought I’d tell you a little bit about my ponies.

If you’ve spent any time on this blog, you already know that I used to have an invisible pony friend named Pone. I wrote a book about her in 4th grade: My Life with Pone. Yes, it was an awesome book, because I was an awesome kid. And yes, it was a total rip off of the Chincoteague books because I was also a little plagiarizer. I think I just realized why I didn’t win the city wide book-writing contest…

Wind Whistler and Medley

In any case, my love of horses never left and I rediscovered My Little Pony while searching for a video for my boyfriend (now my husband). Ebay, in case you didn’t know, is a dangerous thing. I found the video for him, found a MLP video, and thought of Pone. I searched the internet far and wide for the pony she was based on (green with green hair, and fuzzy). Turns out there was no single pony that she was based on! She was based on two ponies, Wind Whistler (blue with pink hair, fuzzy) and Medley (green with green hair, not fuzzy). So I bought them both. I also bought Cherries Jubilee, because she was my favorite from the television show.

And since I liked fish and carousel horses I started buying ponies with fish on them, as well as the carousel collection. And the ones with the sparkles inside them were so cool looking. And the So Soft ones were awesome! And the Princess Brush N Grows with sparkly tails that would grow when you brushed them? I love brushing hair – put those in the bag too.

I spent $600 on My Little Ponies in three months. I had over three hundred ponies in a dorm room that I shared with someone else. I didn’t really like my roommate, so I covered my side of the room in ponies and fish and told her not to touch them 😛 I would stay up late in the night surfing the internet for more ponies. I would peruse the trading websites and the fanart sites, and then I found something called Dream Valley SIM.

OMG, you mean you can play AS a Pony?! Sign me up!

Delphinbella, also by Me.

Wind Whistler – popular pony that she was – already had a player, so I decided to play Pone (note to all GMs out there: never let the noob play an original character first). I had to come up with backstory (um, she has amnesia! She can’t remember who she is!), and a magic power to use (she can talk to dolphins!), and a look that wasn’t a direct copy of Medley or Wind Whistler (she’s blue with purple hair and a silver dolphin symbol!). Pone, otherwise known as Delphinbella, was my first character. Eventually she remembered her past (shipwreck, saved by dolphins), found herself a stallion (I may have asked my husband what he would look like as a pony… and then came up with something myself when he looked at me like I was crazy) and became a pretty big part of the continuing storyline at an offshoot game. She eventually had a daughter who I should have named Mary Sue. Yeah, it was bad.

Kailani, Canto and Delphinbella, by Frieda

But as bad as it was, the MLP RPGs taught me to write. And the more I wrote about the ponies, the more I saw what was wrong with my writing and the more I tried to become a better writer. Not because I expected to become a story writer for a defunct Hasbro brand, but because I enjoyed it. I still enjoy it (and I admit, I still write pony stories on occasion, or sneak a MLP into my stories if I can).

And that’s how My Little Pony turned me from a marine biologist/nuclear chemist into a writer. How did you come by your love of writing? And even more important: who is your favorite My Little Pony?


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Rebecca Enzor

Rebecca Enzor is a chemist in Charleston, SC who writes Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy and Magical Realism. Repped by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary. Her debut novel, SPEAK THE OCEAN, comes out with Reuts Pub in Fall 2018!

40 thoughts on “My Little Pony”

  1. I didn’t know MLPs had names! Probably because I inherited all of mine from my older sister, except for this one family set of yellow ones that I can hardly remember now. I collected all things horses when I was young (I’m still collecting Breyer horses). What few MLPs I had were usually the villains in the games I played, apparently because I was fascinated with the idea of a smiling, sparkling pony being evil.

  2. All many-thousands of them have names (and I used to know the greater majority of them!). If the yellow ones were fuzzy then I still own that one myself! Her name is Lofty 🙂

    That’s awesome that your MLPs were the villains! The ones with the jeweled eyes definitely look a little evil to me! (I couldn’t collect them, they freaked me out!)

  3. I died when I read the part about asking your hubs what he would look like as a pony. That is awesome.

    I only had a few when I was little – I have a memory of a little pink one with pink hair (non fuzzy) that I was fond of, but no idea what her name was.

    1. Oh, come on, you didn’t play ponies with the neighbor girls? I’m pretty sure I forced every boy in the neighborhood to play ponies at one time or another (unicorns were popular with the boys, cause they could stab things with the horns) 😉

      And no, definitely not the only one who can thank RPing for the writing habit! Although I eventually had to give up all my games just so I could have time to write my novels.

  4. RPGs played a big role in my formative writing years as well. I love this post! Wind Whistler was one of my favorites too, and Fizzy, and Masquerade. And my love followed me through college, except I was lucky to have a roommate who also loved them. We bought the series and movie to watch in our dorm room instead of do homework. 😀

    I drew myself as a pony once. It’s that teal pegasus with midnight blue, emerald green, and lime green mane/tail with a silver symbol of a book with wings.

    1. I miss the old show! The new one is not nearly as awesome (um, where is the Smooze?! And the annoying sea ponies?!?) If only my roommates had been awesome enough to watch MLP with me. Although my best friend did play ponies with me senior year 😀

      I’ll have to take a look at your drawings again when I get home (can’t get on FB at work).

      (Fizzy and Masquerade – and all the other Twinkle Eyes – scared me. Those eyes made them look like zombies!)

  5. Wow I had NO IDEA there was an entire world around My Little Pony. There are that many out there?! I think I had one, growing up, but I definitely don’t remember which one it was.

    I never participated in any official role-playing, but when I was little, my sister, friend, and I would make-believe we were all magical princesses and come up with intricate stories about how we were going to save our kingdom from our evil stepmother. 😛

  6. I love you so much for writing this. I wrote an EMBARRASSINGLY BAD fanfic when I was about fifteen. WAY too old to be fanfic-ing MLP.
    My favourite is Cherries Jubilee because from what I can remember she was a bit of a bad girl or at least a bit snarky, but I also adored Magic Star, who was yellow with a green mane and tail.
    I have no idea what any of the names of my dozen or so MLP were called. I’d love to find out.

    1. Fifteen is not too old to be writing bad fanfic when you compare it to twenty five 😉

      When I get to my home computer (and my favorites bar) I’ll find my MLP reference sites and send them to you. It’s usually pretty easy to find the pony you are looking for (or, email me descriptions and I’ll tell you the names 😛 If you can remember symbols that is the easiest way to ID).

      I had a Cherries Jubilee from Italy ^_^ And Baby CJ, who is worth a butt-load of money now. I think I sold her, with a haircut, for around $50! Oh gosh, now I’m going to have to You-Tube the old show and watch her again!

  7. I think people would be very worried about me if I said I had a favorite My Little Pony! I remember it was one of the toys featured in VH1’s “I love the ___’s” series.

  8. Have you been watching the new MLP cartoon? it is SO good. I mean, aside from the fact that the ponies are now all super-skinny. The writing is great. The ponies are great. It is laugh out loud funny, even.

    I also learned a lot about writing through online roleplaying. But I played Star Wars 🙂

    1. I’ve seen a few of the new shows here and there. The beginning animation on the very first show was absolutely amazing! I wish the whole thing was done in that style. But you are right – great show 🙂

      I can’t believe how many people started writing with RPs! Ok, who wants to play ponies with me? ;P

  9. I can honestly say I never owned a My Little Pony. I also owned very few dolls. The last Barbie doll I got, I ripped off her arms and legs and buried her in the garden to make a point (that I detested dolls, not that I had a career as a serial killer ahead, in case you’re worried).

    I preferred making goat machines in the sand pit than playing with dolls. Yes, that’s right, goat machines. What are they? Unfortunately, I don’t remember. Probably a machine that made goats. Suffice it to say, I had an over-active imagination as a child (and one could argue I still do). 🙂

    1. No MLPs?! Cally! I must say I’m a bit baffled by that statement o.@


      A machine that made goats sounds pretty cool though. I love me some goat. And goat milk. And goat cheese. Mmmmm, goats. I must find a way to make this machine of yours!

  10. Never owned a MLP. Never owned a Strawberry Shortcake doll. Never owned a REAL Cabagepatch Kid Doll either. I had friends who had them and I envied them. My parents sucked. (Actually, they were great. We just couldn’t afford the REAL versions. I got the fake ones). Anyway, now that I’m a mom of a little girl myself, my daughter gets all the stuff I didn’t have growing up–even if she doesn’t want it. She thinks Cabagepatch kids are ugly, and I’m like PLAY WITH IT!!!

    Fun post.

    Also, I drew your name over at my blog, so I just need you to pop me an email with your home address and I will send you a little something in the mail for backing up your files 🙂

  11. I love Windy because she was my first, but Dancing Butterflies is my favorite for her color and design, combined with the fact she’s a pegasus! (I have the mother-daughter combination, of course.)

    This entry alone has brightened a gloomy Thursday morning. That’s the power of pony, baby!

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