Fie Eoin Friday: Loria

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Well guys, Aleda’s Story is officially over (if you missed it, you can find her entire story here) and before we continue on with the little Faye children I’m switching gears and bringing us back to the present. Today’s scene was one that I cut from the first chapter of Fie Eoin because I decided that Loria was not a POV character and I could work in the rumors elsewhere.



Loria Odion watched the whipping with little sympathy or satisfaction. She was of the opinion that her daughter wouldn’t have harbored grandiose dreams of becoming a warrior if her father had done a better job punishing her when she was younger. It was an argument Loria and Fennec had often had. She was also of the opinion that this would only exacerbate the rumors surrounding their family.

People said that Loria had been poisoned, or cursed by the High Priestess not to have a son. They said the High Priestess killed Fennec, who seemed well on his way to recovery after the battle with the Obsidians until he took a sudden turn for the worst. They said that the end of the Odion warriors meant the Conal family – the High Priestess’ family – would become the most powerful in Fie Eoin. Indeed, shortly after Fennec’s death, Oak Conal was named chief.

Loria knew none of the rumors were true. She had never accepted anything from the High Priestess that could have been poisoned. It was the difficult birth of the twins that had left her unable to bear another. And Fennec had never recovered from the battle – his bruises and cuts faded, but his breathing only became worse and his internal injuries never healed. As to the accusation of bumping the Odion line out of power, well, the High Priestess had only ever been supportive of Kindra’s quest. And Loria’s other daughter, Kaye, was in line to be the next priestess of Fie Eoin – a position of great power. There was just no truth to the rumors.

Taking her time returning, Loria graciously received the congratulations of many of the villagers. Everyone was glad to see another Odion warrior, even if it was a woman, to see the line continue. Ian Odion was the man who brought the Tribes from the mythical land of Aleda, and the first chief of Fie Eoin. To lose the original ruling line would be tragic.

By the time Loria returned to the tent, Kindra was cleaned and dressed. She was wearing Fennec’s old warrior outfit, the deer hide drastically taken in for her smaller body. But she looked every bit the warrior with her marked back and beaded foxes.

“Well.” Loria looked her daughter up and down, ignoring Kaye’s beaming face. The sight took her back to when she had last seen her husband in the ceremonial outfit, eight years ago. It took a moment for her voice to return. “It seems that Eoin has given His favor to His family once again. It suits you.”

Kindra smiled her appreciation. She knew her mother had never agreed to her choice, and must be all the more pleased to hear even a small amount of praise. “Thank you.”

Loria nodded and busied herself cleaning up the rags and bloody halter shirt. She had food already prepared and outside on the tables for the feast, and only needed to change into her own outfit reserved for ceremonies and special occasions.

“You better get out there,” she nodded to the door. “The other inductees are already arriving. You don’t want them to say you are too concerned about your appearance. Like a girl.”

Kaye giggled. “I don’t think anyone could ever say that about Kindra.”


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Rebecca Enzor

Rebecca Enzor is a chemist in Charleston, SC who writes Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy and Magical Realism. Repped by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary. Her debut novel, SPEAK THE OCEAN, comes out with Reuts Pub in Fall 2018!

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