Custom of the Week: Baby-sitters Club

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Hiatus Over! And what better way to celebrate the end of edits and start the new blog (yeah, it looks the same, but look at the URL – no more stickynotestories!) than with an awesome custom pony? I can’t think of a better way either.

This week’s custom pony comes from one of my favorite series as a young teen: The Baby-sitters Club! What girl didn’t want to start her own baby-sitters club after reading these novels? I had dreams of becoming a millionaire until I realized it involved dirty diapers.

The Baby-sitters Club Pony, by hyenacub

I love the funky stuck-out 80’s hairdo on this one.

If you have a pony that you would like featured as a Custom of the Week, please email me:

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Rebecca Enzor

Rebecca Enzor is a chemist in Charleston, SC who writes Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy and Magical Realism. Repped by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary.

19 thoughts on “Custom of the Week: Baby-sitters Club”

  1. So cute! I remember Babysitters Club! Books like that made me want to write.

    I never started a club because my Mom just kept having more kids, lol. I never thought to charge her…hmm. Do you think I could get back pay?

    1. Haha – I’m pretty sure all those groceries were her payment for you babysitting 😉 But it wouldn’t hurt to ask!

  2. I was just thinking this morning how much I miss the Custom Pony of the week, and here it is! What a delightful Sunday morning surprise. 😀 I read the Babysitters Club too. I remember my bookshelf getting crowded with the triple digit books in the series. And the Little Sister series too.

    Welcome back!

  3. My primary qualm with becoming a babysitter was having to deal with–ugh!–children! And even worse? Babies. Ahaha, is it funny to look back and remember those days in light of my life now! ^^

    These qualms meant I never considered The Babysitter’s Club viable reading material. That being said? The pony’s totally adorable. ♥

  4. Haha I read the books as a kid and I’m a guy! I *liked* babysitting though. Too bad I have no organization skills or I totally would’ve made a club. XD This was a fun one to do, bit the signatures were a pain.

  5. Haha, I love this so much. I remember having one My Little Pony — she was purple, and I believe her mane and tail were blue. And I wanted to make my own babysitters’ club SO badly. I had avoided the books for ages (for some reason I thought they were silly and dumb), but once I started reading them, I was completely hooked.

    1. Now I’m curious what pony you had – I can’t think of a purple with blue pony off the top of my head (it’s probably something really common and I’m gonna go “duh!” when I figure it out :P)

      1. Hm. Well Blue Belll is blue with purple, and blossom is purple with purple. Seashell is purple with blue–a sitting down pose. Sprinkles is purplish with blue. hm.

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