WoW and addiction

Kindra Odion, Night Elf Hunter.

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If you remember back to June when we were talking Role Playing I mentioned that I occasionally play World of Warcraft. By occasionally I mean I’ve logged in about four times since January.

Last year I was addicted. I’d been out of the RPing world for two years when Hubs signed up, and I was content watching him play (I’m weird like that – I like to watch other people play computer games). But he kept saying how much I would like it, and when he asked if I wanted to make a character “just for fun” I thought what the heck, let’s make Kindra into an elf. I chose a hunter class because I liked the idea of having a pet (I’m very bad at the game so the pet does most of the fighting for me) and I named it Pike.

That’s right; Kindra Odion has a cat named Pike that she can command. That fact alone has made the monthly payments worth it 😉 (for those of you who have just joined the blog, Pike is Kindra’s antagonist).

After a couple months I got a little bored. So I made a new character, Karigan Odion (Kindra’s daughter). She’s also an elf, but she’s a druid because the character Karigan has a little priestess ability, on top of her kickass warriorness. Instead of having a pet cat Kari can turn into a cat and kick butt that way. I’m really bad at that, by the way. I tried making Kaye a human mage next, on a different server, but she’s very weak and no fun to play (and now you know why the Kaye chapters are so hard for me to write).

Bekkah, the Worgen Warlock.

I made Bekkah, a Worgen Warlock, last. Basically she’s a werewolf who can summon demons to fight for her. Yeah, she’s totally my Rebecca character and I love her. She shot up the levels so fast, but she’s very much a lone wolf. And that’s a funny thing I’ve noticed: each of my characters in the game has a different personality. They act like the character they are based on. Bekkah doesn’t talk to the guild – she doesn’t join groups or play in dungeons. Karigan on the other hand is a chatty, group-making, dungeon-loving elf. She’s sassy and playful and hates to quest alone. Kindra is a bit of both. She’ll chat sometimes, and she’ll join groups if someone needs help, but she rarely does dungeons (unless she knows the group) and she rarely asks for help. Her sense of humor is a little more biting than Kari’s. She’s more aggressive. It’s very much a reflection of Kindra from the novels.

I found the same thing with the places. The quests are fairly similar over the entire game, and there are a few places you can go for each level, and I’ve found that I gravitate towards certain places over others, depending on the character I’m playing. Bekkah likes bleak landscapes and dark forests – Duskwood is probably her favorite place to play. Kari likes water (she can also turn into a seal, so that might have something to do with it). Kindra likes lush landscapes – greens and purples. And it’s funny, because sometimes I’ll be in the middle of doing something and my brain will suddenly have this urge to play. Not to continue with the new places, but to go back to places I have already been and play there. I remember how they felt.

That is exactly what I remember about Fie Eoin when I’m away from it for too long. I started working on this re-write because I missed how it felt. Not because I missed writing and pulling my hair out and hating that I couldn’t make it sound right, but because I missed how it felt to be in Fie Eoin. It’s like going home. When I think of Fie Eoin I don’t think of the crappy writing, the weak character arcs, or the fact that sometimes I think it will never be finished. I think of the way Monk smirks when he’s making fun of Kindra, or the way the wind feels as it runs over Kaye’s wings up on the cliff. A lot of times it will be nothing more than the sound of Gar whispering “Kindra” that sends a pang of intense longing for their world. Sara Bareilles “Gravity” is the perfect way to describe it.

See? Even a post about WoW turned into a post about Fie Eoin. I’m addicted.

Karigan Odion, the Night Elf Druid

What are you addicted to? Do you play WoW? Do you find yourself wanting to go back to Duskwood, or the Arathi Highlands? Most importantly, are you on the Arygos server and want to kill some bad guys with me after work? 😉

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Rebecca Enzor

Rebecca Enzor is a chemist in Charleston, SC who writes Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy and Magical Realism. Repped by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary.

33 thoughts on “WoW and addiction”

  1. I’m no longer addicted to WoW, but I was hugely addicted while I was in Japan! After I moved to an apartment with internet connectivity, I used WoW as my connection to my boyfriend back home in the U.S.; we’d quest together into the wee hours of my morning, parting with me waving to him as he faded out of whatever inn we’d been questing nearest.

    Your reference to being drawn to certain places there resonates with me. I play horde, as you know. (I ♥ tauren.*) I don’t know why it is, but I love, love, love fishing in Mulgore. I canceled my WoW account a few months back, but I’m seriously thinking about reinstating it for the simple joy of fishing in Mulgore. I guess it’s no longer “just” Mulgore to me. It’s everything I’ve ever experienced in Mulgore, which, over the course of sixish years is a lot.

    Annnd now I’m dying to drive back home and go fishing. Right now. 🙂

    * I did make an orc hunter at one point. Named “Bichu,” her pet–no matter which it was–was always “Hirchu.” Hee.

    1. If I could get any money from myself I would totally play a Tauren! But it really sucks to be broke in WoW 😛

      Sometimes when I’m not feeling the brain power to even let my cat kill things for me I just find a nice, quiet pond and fish. Or sometimes I just get into the water and stay there for a while. Probably not worth the subscription to virtually tread water, but I always do it in a really pretty place 😛

  2. Lol, how funny. Was just explaining to someone how i am NOT addicted to WoW.

    I seem to be one of those people that are capable of playing one day a month or less or more. I get addicted for a day. Then i don’t want to play for months.

    I had to quit this year as my husband started medical school. Now that doesn’t sound like a good reason, but HE does NOT have the ability to say no. He used to play. Whenever he got home from work. He decided that WoW would make him fail medical school.

    To support him, i also “stopped playing” lol… I bought the expansion the other month and have been secretly playing when he is at work. Like i said i take it or leave it and i don’t go into withdrawal if i can’t play. It’s funny i LOVE wow but don’t seem to be able to get totally addicted. I hardly missed it when i was away for 10 months.

    anyway interesting post. I love how you make your wow toons into your characters 🙂

    I do that with my Sims characters


    1. I can definitely play for a day and then be over it for months! I think when I first started playing Bekkah I was on so long that I didn’t even have the urge to come back for two months. I was WoWed out 😛

      Probably a good thing that you “stopped playing” (wink wink nudge nudge) for your hubby. That’s why I originally stopped RPing – hubs wanted to, you know, hang out with me ;P

  3. I used to be soooo addicted to WoW. (Played a human Paladin named Fionnuala.) But I became discontented with the game. Now I’m totally addicted LOTRO. (Where I play an Elven Minstrel named Fionnuala.) And I’m into all that geeky Role Play stuff too. *blush*

    1. Hey, no blushing around here because of RPs! You can’t get any more embarrassing than a My Little Pony RP after all 😉 I have out-geeked everyone (except the awesome people that RPed with me at those games <3).

      I've heard that a lot of people who used to be addicted aren't happy with the new version. I love it, cause it's easier for me to play and not die all the time, but the person who got Hubs into it (and Hubs himself) have both quit because of the changes.

      1. I have no problem with the game play. I disliked the community. That’s one of my reasons for switching to The Lord of the Rings Online. At least on my server where there’s lots of role play (and I actually lead an RP kinship/guild) the community is, on the whole, much more mature. Second reason, it’s Middle-earth! And I’m totally a Tolkien Elf!

        1. ahhh ok! I’ve found a great guild, but yeah, the rest of the people on the game can be pretty shitty!

          For some reason I never got into LOTR as much as most people. I can’t even make it through the books, although I love the mythology.

  4. I was totally addicted for a while. My dwarf rogue kicked ass 🙂 But I found myself getting bored and I canceled my account after the latest expansion. Every once in a while I find myself wishing I could just hang out in Northrend or Stranglethorn 🙂

    I am actually really excited about The Old Republic MMO coming out this fall. I have a feeling I’m going to be addicted pretty much immediately 🙂 So glad to see I’m not alone in my RP love!

    1. Stranglethorn is where poor Kari is stuck (I got her in too deep for her level, and now I can’t get her back out cause my Inn is there and she gets killed when she leaves camp! :P). But I love the scenery there 🙂

      I feel the same way whenever someone tells me they love RPing! I used to hide the fact cause I was embarrassed, and then I found out that all the actually cool people RP 😉

  5. I have more WoW characters than I’m willing to admit to. My favorite is a draenai paladin named Micaah. She has a very Hallie-Berry-as-Storm look to her.

    I started playing when my husband (then my boyfriend and eventually fiance) and I were living 600 miles apart. We’d quest together in the evenings because we couldn’t go on normal dates 🙂 I think the questing was as much fun as most normal dates anyway, so I’m not complaining.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to play now. My workload picked up at the start of this year, and then my video card went on the fritz (and can’t get it fixed because I have too much work due to part with my laptop). It’s still great fun when I can pry my husband’s desk top away from him so that I can play 🙂

    1. Oooh, I love Storm! When I first got into X-men she was my favorite character 🙂 (now Rogue is my favorite).

      The one sucky thing about Hubs and I playing WoW was that we only have one computer and never got to play together 😦 In fact, I bet the guildies think we’re the same person (we have the same account :P)

  6. OMG Rebecca – so much of your post resonates with me! I too will be in the middle of doing some day to day activity and all the sudden have an urge to go traipsing through the Silverpine. I have never told anyone that because frankly I was pretty sure they would get a large net and whisk me away to Napa (the nearest mental facility).

    Playing WoW started innocently enough for me – husband saying hey – I think you would really like this – I have a free 10 day pass… That was at retail launch and I played pretty religiously until abut a year and a half ago. My immersion into the game became insane – so much so that I ended up running a raiding guild and having said being singled out by Blizzard to be one of 5 guilds in the game to take part in the Guild Relations program ( a story for another day).

    I played a troll priest named Wytch on Skywall and was lucky to meet some of the most amazing people in game who I still retain friendships with. I passed the guild off to some awesome people and left to work on writing my novel but I still slip in there form time to time 😉 I play Rift now as well but very limited and mostly PVP since I can do it solo (and Rift PVP is way more fun than WoW PVP). My husband plays with me (he works in the gaming industry) and its our way of having some fun together w/o spending a ton of money going out.

    I may need to sneak over to your WoW sever and roll a toon there to check out this whole RPG thing, one aspect of the game I have never delved into but you make sound so much fun!

    OK now I have wrote an entire novel on your page – I should go back to my room!

    ❤ shell

    1. I’ve already said some pretty crazy things on this blog (see some of those awards where you have to tell “seven things about yourself” and you’ll see what I mean), so I don’t mind admitting to crazy every now and then 😉

      That is so awesome that you were asked to be part of that program! And definitely come over and play with me sometime 🙂 It will be fun for you to see how bad I am and laugh at me. Especially if I play Kari. I’m So Bad at Kari ^_^ It’s fun!

  7. Yesssss, I totally understand this! I started playing WoW 2 years ago because my boyfriend at the time declared that it would be a fun way for us to keep in touch during our long-term relationship. “We can go questing while we chat about our day!” is what he said.

    We started playing, I totally got into it, and then he stopped (jerk).

    I played pretty hard for a year or so, and then I got sidetracked by my Xbox, and later by writing, and later by my breakup with my BF. Of late, I find myself dreaming of landscapes and caves and cities from WoW. I also miss my Blood Elf hunter, Wyng, because she was so damn badass:

    And yeah, I totally get what you’re saying about the things that you miss about your story when you’re not working on it. It’s the characters that get me; they’re in my head and under my skin. I know what tweaks them, what moves them, and how they feel about each other. Aaaaaaand I have to add that “Gravity” is one of the theme songs from my MC, Tempest, and her on-again, off-again lover, Jack. Jack was her first love, he betrayed her, and at the start of my tale, he waltzes back into her life, and she can’t quite let him go. 😀

    1. I love your story already! Anyone who has such a close relationship with their characters are going to have a good story 🙂

      Your toon is right around Kindra’s level! If only you weren’t a dirty blood elf we could be friends 😉

  8. I watch people play video games too! I love watching my guys and my hubby play Halo. Lots and lots of cursing is involved. It is definitely entertaining.

    Let’s see, I’m not addicted to Wow. I’ve played a couple of times, but quite frankly, I did not want to spend my money on a game. What am I addicted to? Books for sure, Twitter, and Dr. Pepper. Lol. Nothing too weird.

  9. My Internet connection doesn’t allow for online gaming, so WoW has never been an option for me. Probably just as well. I got into The Elder Scrolls IV – Oblivion, which can be played solo on a Windows PC, to the point where my wife started getting mad at me.

    It all worked out for the better though. Oblivion fired up my dormant fantasy imagination, and I dug out all of my old writing and my old D&D stuff. I used to be a Dungeon Master and still have tons of old material I wrote for the gaming modules I created.

    I offered to trade what used to be my gaming time for taking a shot at writing fiction instead, and my wife was thrilled.

    Now I’m thrilled too. It was the best decision I ever made!

    1. That is so awesome! I originally stopped RPing because my hubby was getting upset at all the time it was sucking away too. Of course, he thinks my writing is also a time-suck, but someday when I get it published and get a nice fat check in the mail he’ll think differently 😉

    1. It really is. I kind of thought everyone was crazy before I started playing, but it’s so immersive it’s amazing.

      That being said, I find time to play outside every day! I’m a total earth-hippie at heart ^_^

  10. I don’t play WoW because if I did, I’d never stop and that would be bad. We have it though and my daughter plays it.

    I love RPG’s, but I haven’t let myself get sucked into anything since the last Final Fantasy and Dragon Age Origins. I become obsessed and nothing else gets done.

    1. Back when I first quit RPing it was really hard to tear myself away. Now that I’ve found that I can stop and life doesn’t lose it’s awesomeness (and the friendships last, even if I’m not playing with those friends) I find I can rarely spend more than an hour or two a week playing a game.

      Twitter, however, is a different story ;P

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