Fie Eoin Friday: Gar

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We usually see one of the twins during Fie Eoin Friday, but today I have a Gar scene for you! Heavy on the Monk, cause when Gar’s not with Kindra he’s usually with his best friend. The scene’s been cut because Kindra isn’t marrying Gar in this version (no, she’s not marrying Carrick either. It’s someone else entirely), but it gives a good idea of the customs leading up to a Seven Tribes wedding. Enjoy!

Gar had been in seclusion for one quarter of the moon. Tomorrow was the wedding ceremony, and warriors were not allowed to practice for that time to make sure their spirit was subdued for the first night with their new wife. No one was concerned that Kindra wouldn’t be able to handle Gar’s spirit, but she had also been banned from practice. Neither of them was really secluded, but they weren’t allowed to see each other.

The preparations were nearly complete. A warrior wedding was always a big deal – an Odion wedding even bigger – but two warriors had never married each other before. Fie Deorsa was cooking for the whole Seven Tribes as if it were a festival and not a wedding. There hadn’t been so many people in Fie Eoin since the Warrior’s Ceremony almost nine moons ago, and most of the warriors crowded around Gar’s seclusion tent, calling out friendly jests and sharing a drink.

“You better get used to cleaning,” Monk said with a laugh. “Kindra’s not going to do it for you.”

“Are you sure you’re man enough for her?” Al elbowed Gar in the ribs.

“You’ll need to take a second wife, just to cook and clean,” Cougar laughed.

“You can have mine!” another warrior yelled over the crowd as his wife walked past and slapped him in the back of the head.

Gar chuckled with the rest of them and accepted a cup of watered wine. He was cleaning the old tent they would move into and making it livable. The practice was supposed to give him appreciation of his soon-to-be-wife’s responsibilities, but he knew he’d be doing his fair share of cleaning with a warrior for a wife. Still, it gave him an appreciation for the things she would be doing – like cooking. He hadn’t had a decent meal all this time.

Not for lack of the women trying to entice him away with the promise of good food – among other things. They had harassed him his whole seclusion as he worked to put up the tent and get it ready for his bride. It was all in fun, but there had been a man or two who had succumbed to the playfulness before.

Nettie walked through the group of warriors, a large pitcher in hand, and smiled at Gar. “More wine for the husband to be?” He held out his cup and she refilled it with a playful smile. “It’s a shame, you know. You were always the best at Trina’s Day.”

“I assure you,” Gar replied with a wink, “Monk is almost as good.”

“Better even!” Monk said and handed his cup over for a refill. “I’d be more than happy to help you forget all about Gar right now in fact.”

Nettie giggled as she filled the cup. “You’re a hopeless case, Monk. You’ll never settle down.”

Monk leaned in and grinned. “I’ll settle down in a bed with you tonight.”

She dumped the cup over his head. “You’ll never settle down.”

Monk laughed and licked his lips where the wine dripped down from his hair. “Most delicious ‘No’ I’ve ever heard. Go on then. Leave Gar alone.” He patted her bottom as she walked past and she hurried away. Monk shook his head, spraying wine over everyone, and grinned. “I’ll keep her away for you tonight.”

Gar chuckled. “Thank you, oh valiant warrior. You do me such a great service.”

“Hey, that’s what friends are for.” Monk took an offered rag and mopped the wine from his face. “Nervous yet?”

“Only that she’ll change her mind.”

“She won’t. Once Kindra’s bound and determined to do something, she does it. World be damned if it tries to stop her.”

Gar was still amazed that she was bound and determined to marry him. When he first gave her the flute he was fully prepared for her to not accept it. It was the only good that came out of her fight with his brother – it made her want the flute.

“A whole lifetime with Kindra Odion,” Monk mused. “She’s no Nettie.”

“Exactly,” Gar said and finished the wine.


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