Fie Eoin Friday: Little Twins, Part 3

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If you missed the beginning, here are parts One and Two. Once again, I apologize for the head-hopping.

Little Twins

“And I met Susan, and I met Jill, and I met Mary who is a lot older than me but really nice. They can all do magic and they go in trances, and the High Priestess says I will be able to do it soon too!” Kaye explained her first official day of priestess training during dinner that night. There was no table in the tent, so they sat on their cots, Kindra and Kaye’s legs swinging in unison. Kindra was eating silently, sitting as close to Kaye as possible; she looked less than thrilled at the news of Kaye’s new friends.

“What about you Kindra, what did you do today?” Fennec asked. She was usually just as chatty as her sister, finishing each other’s sentences and smiling at each other as they related their day’s adventures.

Kindra sighed and picked at her food. Her hair calmed down after her mother fixed the trim Kaye gave her, and it curled around her ears and neck and forehead like a cap. “I helped mom make dinner, and I picked some raspberries.” She poked a piece of venison before her eyes lit up. “Oh! When I was on my way back with the berries Tommy said I looked like a boy and I said thank you and he gave me a funny look and I threw a berry at him and he chased me and I got inside just before he caught me.” She was grinning by this point before she remembered what happened, “but I spilled the berries while I was running.”

“Which is why we have no dessert tonight,” Loria pointed out.

“Which is why we have no dessert tonight,” Kindra repeated with a frown and stopped swinging her legs.

“We can pick raspberries tomorrow!” Kaye exclaimed. She loved picking raspberries – she could eat them while she worked and always came home with bright red lips and fingers.

Kindra immediately brightened at the thought of picking berries with Kaye, but her mother cut off her cheer.

“You have to go to priestess training tomorrow, Kaye. You won’t have time to pick raspberries.”

“Oh,” both twins said together, looking down at their still legs and frowning. Fennec felt sorry for Kindra.

“How about you come watch me at practice Kindra? You can make friends with some of the other girls, and then I can teach you a few things.” He raised his eyebrows and took a bite, watching Kindra’s face turn into a hesitant smile again. She looked quickly to Kaye, who was still a bit disappointed, and nodded.

“Ok, that sounds good.”


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