Custom of the Week: Care Bear Pony

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Not many people know this (except maybe my parents) but when I was younger I had a love that was even greater than Ponies, and it was Care Bears. I had the bedding, the movie, the TV shows recorded on VHS, and my wood-working grandfather even made me a coat-rack with hand-painted Care Bears walking across the top 🙂 I very distinctly remember the Care Bears episode where a little kid had to get their tonsils out, but they got ice cream afterwards, and I wanted to get my tonsils out so I could have ice cream! Sometimes when I look up at really puffy white clouds I still think of the little cloud cars they drove around in. So when I saw today’s pony, I knew I had to feature it!

Care Bear Pony, by Mana Maiden

How colorful! I love all the little star-dots ^_^

If you have a pony that you would like featured as a Custom of the Week, please email me:



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Rebecca Enzor is a chemist in Charleston, SC who writes Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy and Magical Realism. Repped by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary.

11 thoughts on “Custom of the Week: Care Bear Pony”

  1. Cute! I loved Care Bears too. I remember the episode where one of the baby twins was sick, and the other had to figure out how to play all by himself. Solution: imaginary friend of course! I also remember the movie of their origins. Ah, memories. 😀

  2. Oh man, I’m there with the Care Bear love! I remember feeling frustrated because I couldn’t keep track of when the cartoon came on, and all I wanted to do was watch the cartoon. That Care Bear Pony is precious!

  3. Yay Angela! I was going to send you a link to this post because I know you love the ponies. Super glad to see you’re already here.

    This little pony is too adorable. I’m way too old for the Care Bears, so I missed out on that, but how cute that you get two of your favorite childhood toys in one.

    1. That’s what Custom of the Week is here for ^_^ Who doesn’t like to be a little kid again for just a moment? 😉

      Glad you liked it Stacy – stop by next week for another one 😀

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