Fie Eoin Friday: Aleda’s Festival, Part 2

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We’re still celebrating the Festival of Aleda this week with Kindra and Gar, and next week we’ll switch to Kaye and Bryant. I don’t think you have ever met Bryant, so that should be pretty fun for you guys 🙂 After we get done Festing it up I’ll start on the second part of Aleda’s Story: Alaric’s Story. I finally figured out at least a bit of the storyline and started writing!

If you missed Part 1 you can find it here.

Festival of Aleda

Kindra’s head was swimming along pleasantly to the music, engrossed with thoughts of her sister, not paying attention to the men on either side of her when Coyote drained his cup and slapped his knee.

“Enough toasting. It’s time to dance.” He stood and looked down at the couple who made no move to join him. “Come on then. I’d like the pleasure of dancing with Fie Eoin’s first woman warrior.”

Kindra looked up at him. “I don’t dance.”

“What?” A small smile tugged at Coyote’s lips, as if he wasn’t sure she was serious. “Have more wine. Everyone dances.”

“I don’t dance.”

The ex-warrior looked from her to Gar. “Is she serious?”

He nodded. “Always. I’ve tried before, but she won’t dance.”

“And here I thought you were your father’s child.” Coyote shook his head in dismay.

“I am my father’s child,” she said, muscles tense. Gar put his arm over her shoulder’s to keep her from jumping up, but she didn’t move, just glared up at Coyote in challenge.

“No.” He smiled. “Fennec never missed a chance to dance. Why, you went to your first Trina’s Day when you weren’t even two moons old. He danced you and your sister all around the circle, showing you off to the tribe.” Coyote shook his head at the memory. “What did he call dancing? The-”

“The subtle expression of the nuances of the warrior arts.”

Coyote turned at the hand on his shoulder and grinned at Inu. “That was it.” They both chuckled. “For Trina, I miss him.”

Inu clapped his shoulder again. “We all do. But the line lives on. And his wish fulfilled.” They both looked down at Kindra.

“He really liked dancing?” She looked to Inu, her soon to be father-in-law, sure that he wouldn’t lie to her just to get her to dance.

“Loved it.” Inu smiled. “He couldn’t wait for a Festival. Any excuse to dance.”

She shook her head but resigned herself to the fact that this time she would not get out of dancing. It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy it, but she didn’t see the point to moving your body in such a way. Dancing had no purpose, and she didn’t like things that served no purpose.

“Fine. Let’s dance.” She pushed herself from the bench and looked down at Gar, who was smiling at her in disbelief.

“If I had known it was that easy I would have told you that a long time ago,” he said and grinned. “I know a few other things your father enjoyed, if you want to go back to your tent?”

Kindra flushed red as the men laughed and left them behind as she joined the dancing around the bonfire. It wasn’t long before Gar, Coyote, Inu and Patricia joined her and her sour mood dissolved. It took her a while to remember the steps – she hadn’t danced at a festival since her father died – but she enjoyed herself.

“Your father would be proud,” Coyote leaned over and said, and Kindra smiled for the rest of the night.

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