Playing Catch-up

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Yesterday was supposed to be Fie Eoin Friday, but I must admit – I’m a little burnt out on what has become “The Nameless Warrior” right now. Critiques are trickling in – most of them good, although I do have a few week spots I still need to work on (someone called Kaye a harpy, and someone else said they were surprised she moved to [redacted] and suddenly forgot to wear panties 😛 Kindra’s getting straight A’s so far though!). I’ve started reading through Apollo to see what needs work there (pacing, tension, and I feel like he’s a bit of a wimp for an athletic high school boy), and I’m lining up some trusted First Readers for that project. Mostly though, I’m catching up on my TBR pile.

I finished Game of Thrones, read A Million Suns and Phoenix Feather, will be finishing The Near Witch this weekend, and will be reading Dies Irae this weekend as well (PS. Christine will be here on Feb 6th with a guest post on what inspired her new series!). I still have the rest of the Fire and Ice series, Delirium, The Silver Eagle (I won a hardcover of this book, and it’s been so long that the NEXT hardcover in the series has come out!), 11/22/63, Elemental Magic, Beautiful Creatures, The Clockwork Prince, Cornerstone, The Six Elements of Style, and Crash Into You that I can think of off the top of my head. Also a few little crit projects for some of the lovely people who read The Nameless Warrior for me.

That doesn’t even include Google Reader. I’m afraid to even look at the link to that, for fear it might burst into flames and consume me.

But it feels good to start coming back from Fie Eoin. I’ve been living there for so long it’s strange to come back to the real world again. Pulling my head out of the “editing zone” and reading for fun, or *gasp* playing WoW, feels like wasting time. I have to keep reminding myself that there is no deadline. I don’t have to constantly carry around my red pen and be on alert for weak sentences (btw, do you know how hard it is to find a weak sentence in A Million Suns? Do you? If you don’t you should go pick up a copy and grab a red pen. I dare you to mark a single page).

So I’m not quite back to the world of the living and blogging, but I’m catching up. Is there anything exciting in your life that I missed while I was gone?

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Rebecca Enzor is a chemist in Charleston, SC who writes Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy and Magical Realism. Repped by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary.

9 thoughts on “Playing Catch-up”

  1. Duuude, I totally know what you mean! I just passed off my most recent (and most difficult) edits to critters and am so excited to have a weekend that I can dedicate to reading- not working. I keep feeling like I’m wasting time though, too. That book list you’ve got going sounds amazing!

  2. You’ve worked your butt off; you totally deserve a break! Besides, you can’t work your writing muse like a slave. She will rebel if you do.

    I’m reading The Clockwork Prince right now. I love Clare’s books, but I’m halfway through and it’s not as fast-paced and adventurous as her previous ones. I’m still enjoying it, though. I love Jem. 😀

    1. My muse has learned not to rebel >:) I lock her in her room when she does, and she hates that because she likes playing with the characters 😉 Plus, I let her play all the time while I shower or drive or dayjob work. We have come to a very good understanding, Ellison and I.

      Jem is my favorite too! Will just comes off as a total ass (I’m a huge Simon fan as well). I definitely can’t wait to read it – my sis got me a signed copy for christmas!

      1. Ellison is an interesting name for a muse.

        Will seems almost like a carbon copy of Jace, who is also, not my favorite. The whole bad-boy thing really doesn’t endear me to them. Very cool Christmas present!

        1. It came from the last name on a file while I was working at the vet. She basically screamed “THAT’S MY NAME” when I saw it 😛

          Yeah, not a huge Jace fan either, although he seems slightly less caustic than Will (perhaps because I came into that series late, so I was able to see him interact more with Clary and build that relationship right away). But yes, very cool present 🙂

  3. Welcome back! Although your fantasy world sound fascinating, I suppose it’s good every now and again to delve back into this world. Some days I just want to stay in my imaginary worlds and never come back. There is so much fun and adventure there!

    You forgot to have a character wear panties? How could you? ; ) Funny the little things that get missed when you’re trying to create an entire world from nothing.

    You’ve got quite the reading list! I loved Elemental Magic and now I need to get Phoenix Fire. There are some others on your list that I keep seeing, I guess my TBR pile is going to get longer. That’s not really a bad thing.

    1. I spend most of my time not in this world, so it is good to visit every now and then 😉 And the panty thing, well, I guess I never thought about what would happen if you wore a dress and could fly ;P But that’s what my best friend is for – to catch those silly little things I miss (and also, take over the world mad-scientist fashion, which is our eventual goal).

      You will love Phoenix Fire – the relationships are So Well Done! I won’t say anymore, cause I don’t want to give it away, but trust me 🙂 You’ll be dreaming of it when you finish (I did!)

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