Update #5

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How did it become Thursday already? I swear it was just Monday. Ah well, it’s Update time!

My goals this week were:

Calm the frak down. If this requires wine, so be it. Ignore the neighbors and work on getting the hell out of that neighborhood.

Finish A CLASH OF KINGS and type up Ryan’s edits.

Dye the pony. Dye the pony! Then mail it out. Also mail out Mo’s shirt, since I’ve had it for a week now :P

Finish storylining Pike’s Revenge and finish the query for The Nameless Warrior. Start the synopsis and maybe check in with the editor to see how many red pens he’s gone through so far.

I was doing so well at calming the frak down until about ten minutes ago. I had a lovely weekend and my week at work has been easy (until about ten minutes ago, thus the freak out). I’ve mostly been watching TV and reading at home, and ignoring the things that make me want to rip small bunnies to shreds with my bare hands. We’ll call this week a success.

I haven’t finished A CLASH OF KINGS yet, but I’m damn close. That book is dense. But so good!

In the interest of remaining calm we won’t talk about the pony or Ryan’s edits right now, will we? I did mail the shirt out (two hours ago…).

The storyline I was working on for Pike’s Revenge didn’t work out so I started over. This version is much more promising, although it centers a bit too much on the Obsidians and not enough on Kari and Sipi. In fact, I haven’t seen Sipi in this version… I’m sure he’ll make an appearance at some point, but so far this book is leaning heavily on Brennan. Not a bad thing, per say, because I really enjoy writing about the Obsidians and taking a deeper look into their culture, but the book isn’t supposed to be about Bren – it’s supposed to be about Kari and Sipi. Ah well, we’ll see where the storyline takes me and tweak it later if need be.

I wrote the query! I need to re-write the query, but at least I jumped that first hurdle 🙂 Juliana gave me some good tips for it, so hopefully I’ll have a strong query soon 🙂 I also sort of started the synopsis (on a sticky note, of course!) and will work on that more once the query is finished. My poor editor had emergency surgery, so it’s going to be a while before I get the edits back. Everyone send him some good vibes!

And although I didn’t mention it as a goal last week I have heard back from one of my First Readers about Apollo and Daphne! He likes it so far, and had only minor issues that he’s found. Yay! 😀

For next week:

Stay calm. Keep breathing. Don’t rip small bunnies to shreds.

Finish A CLASH OF KINGS and type up Ryan’s edits.

Dye the pony. Really. Do it tonight, in fact.

Finish storylining Pike’s Revenge. Finish the query and synopsis for The Nameless Warrior.

And now I’m going to get some coffee and hang out on my Colorful Pinterest board for a while. Join me, won’t you?

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Rebecca Enzor

Rebecca Enzor is a chemist in Charleston, SC who writes Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy and Magical Realism. Repped by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary.

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