Fie Eoin Friday: Book Three

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So I was talking in yesterday’s Update about Book Three, and how I’m trying to fix the issues in it before I start writing the first draft. And we all know how much I love sticky notes, so when I get a particularly good bit of dialogue I’ll jot it down on a sticky. That happened this past weekend, but then I hit the block (writer’s block!) and had to go back to before the bit I jotted down and start over. Which means I have a cut scene from Book Three already!

It’s actually not a complete scene, since it starts somewhere in the middle of a conversation between Hemlock and the Queen, but I liked it and I have no place for it any longer. Perfect FEF material!

So please enjoy the first FEF from Book Three (there is also another little scrap of dialogue from Book Three on my Facebook or Google+ pages):

“So you have trained your people to fear everyone. And now that they do you can tame their fears and become their only hope of salvation.” Hemlock shook his head as the carriage bumped along the dirt road. “And what if you find someone you cannot tame? What if your people lose hope?”

“They won’t. I will never find someone I cannot tame, because everyone fears me.”

He stared into her dark eyes. “I don’t fear you.”

The Queen studied her painted fingernails as if that didn’t matter. “Not for your sake. But for the family you’ve left behind, who have no chance against my army? Or for the priestess you kissed before we set out this morning?” She smiled slowly at him. “Ah, there’s the fear.”

Hem sat back, wiping his face of any emotion. The priestess warned him that there were spies everywhere, but he’d kissed her anyways, thinking no one could possibly find out. “I did not know about your rules.”

“You did.” The Queen turned back to studying her nails. “But as long as you behave I will spare her. Just remember that she is coming with us, and I can speak her death at any point along the road. We are not the only city with a tomb, and even dirt will do to bury a priestess alive on the road.”

Hem turned and looked silently out the window for the rest of the day.


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Rebecca Enzor

Rebecca Enzor is a chemist in Charleston, SC who writes Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy and Magical Realism. Repped by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary. Her debut novel, SPEAK THE OCEAN, comes out with Reuts Pub in Fall 2018!

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