Getting to Know You: Cheer Up :)

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I’ve been debating all day what to blog about for Getting To Know You Tuesdays (which I’ve been sadly lacking at lately), and for most of the day I was so bummed that all I could think of were Debbie Downer type questions. But then I checked my WP Reader, and found this lovely over at Sonia Medeiros blog:

Rainbow Brite, by Samantha Claridge

How could you even look at that without smiling? She linked to the blog it came from at the bottom of her post (she also linked to my blog – thanks for the love Sonia!) so I headed over there and found tons of customs, some from favorite customizers that I know well, and some completely new to me. There’s nothing like a custom pony to put me in a properly happy mood.

If you were to stumble upon it online what would cheer you up no matter what? Let’s share a bunch of cheerful things today 🙂

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Rebecca Enzor

Rebecca Enzor is a chemist in Charleston, SC who writes Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy and Magical Realism. Repped by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary.

17 thoughts on “Getting to Know You: Cheer Up :)”

    1. I love random happy messages 🙂

      I’ll be emailing you later, cause it’s Fie Eoin I’m bummed about, but I have to sort all my thoughts out before I can even write that email. So it won’t be random, or happy, but it will be a message 🙂

  1. I LOVE her!!! She’s so pretty and cute. Custom ponies always make me smile too. And cat pictures with funny captions.

    I’m sorry you’re bummed, and about Fie Eoin too! I’ll go find a cute cat picture for you.

    1. I want that pony too, but I think Hubs would have a heart attack at all the color ;P

      It’s fixable, but it’s going to take a lot of work, and I thought I was much closer to being done. It’s kind of like a giant mountain just appeared before me, when before it was only a foothill. But Kaye climbed a mountain, and she’s a wimp, so I sure as heck can too!

  2. Hands down, what picks me up on a bad day is great home-cooked dinner. With beer. Maybe 3 or 4. It always helps to focus on the cooking for a couple hours, clearing the mind, then being able to enjoy it!

    1. That’s the same way Hubs is 🙂 If he’s had a bad day he likes to get in the kitchen and start making dinner. If only I could get him on G+, you guys would get along so well!

    1. It was a hard-to-swallow critique that had me so bummed (compounded by work stress). I wish it had been something like “I hate the character names” which I could just ignore, but it was more “there are holes in this entire plot line – rewrite” which is harder to ignore 😛

      But I’ve emailed my critters and idea-bouncers and I’m going to fix it! Now I just need a laptop so I can fix it outside with those chirping birds…

  3. I totally thought I’d already come over here and said “hi.” Don’t know how I didn’t. Writer’s Brain, I guess. LOL. I love that Rainbow Brite pony. Definitely puts a smile on my face.

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