Getting to Know You: Seasons

A foggy forest in Oregon as the weather turns cool.

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First thing this morning I saw Jillian Dodd’s post about Fall Fashion, and all the photos of blue jeans and boots plucked a string inside me that buzzes with autumn energy. I love the change between summer and autumn maybe even more than the change between winter and spring (at least in Charleston where summer lasts for months and winter isn’t as harsh). Spring comes with flowers and the promise of warmth, but autumn comes with brilliantly colored trees and the promise of cooler temperatures after a long, hot, humid Lowcountry summer. It also comes with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and my birthday 😉

So while I love the beach, sundresses, cookouts and margaritas of summer I think autumn is my favorite season.

What about you, Aledans? What is your favorite season of the year, and why?

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22 thoughts on “Getting to Know You: Seasons”

  1. I love fall too! We’re in Texas, where summer is really hot, and the warmer weather is so welcome! I love the fall holidays as well as football season, which is my favorite time of the year!!

    1. I haven’t been to a football game in forever! It just wouldn’t be the same down here for me – I’m used to bundling up and cuddling with the nearest cute boy because the metal seats are so cold 😉

  2. Late Spring, hands down! Everything is verdant after a dull, typically cold-rain Virginia winter. There are critters everywhere, including lots of goslings marching in packs behind their parents. Bumblebees buzz and grills start to flame up. Kids splash about in pools and turtles sun themselves on logs. It makes my allergies nuts, but after winter, those late Spring warm days, cool breezes, and grilling burgers can’t be topped!

  3. Since I live in perpetual summer, I love any season that is a change from summer. Fall is probably my favorite, though. Cooler days with a bit of a nip, but still gorgeous blue skies.

  4. I used to say I loved winter, bundling up in soft sweaters and giant fleece blankets. But then those stopped keeping me warm, so I don’t like the cold winters so much any more. Fall is definitely gorgeous though. I think I like Fall and Spring equally, and summer not at all.

  5. It has to be Fall! Cooler, crisp days, foggy nights, Halloween and the feeling you’re in a Harry Potter novel, the aromas outside, falling leaves. What more could you ever want? The only downside is that it signals the approach of winter.

  6. FALL!!! I love the colors, the jeans and sweatshirts, the football!!! (GO IRISH!!) Your birthday, of course 🙂 And it means Thanksgiving and Xmas are on their way! )And I sweat way to much in the summer…)

  7. I know what you mean about that energizing fall transition. I used to think spring or summer was my favorite–the warmth and the flowers–and I really do like spring, but I always feel ramped up for a new adventure come fall. When the mornings and evenings start to get cool and there are new scents in the air, when I can pull out the long pants and think thoughtful things again…it’s probably why The Lord of the Rings journey starts out in the fall 🙂

  8. My favorite season is summer. I love the sun! One of the reasons I LOVED living in the Lowcountry was the heat and humidity. I love that too. Though I have to admit that we’ve had a lowcountryesque summer in Minneapolis so far. 90s and humid. Love it!

  9. Summer, on the rare years where we actually get one. The long hot days, cool nights spent down the beach, hours spent out galavanting round the countryside on fit ponies. Generally being outside, active and enjoying the beautiful clear blue skies and blazing hot sun. Unfortunately summer has lasted about 5 days the last 3 years.

    1. When I lived in Michigan summer was my all-time favorite for exactly those same reasons. Now that it lasts for nine months, it’s too hot to go outside for long without getting heatstroke, and the nights aren’t cool (it’s still hovering around 90F when I go to bed) I only love the beginning of it 😉

      I hope you get a little more summer in your summer! There’s still time!

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