Moving In A New Direction…Again.

Bahamas Direction Sign by Dtobias

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You’re going to love this, Aledans. Remember last week when I said I should be finished with Chapter Three on Friday night? It took me four days and seven re-writes to get that final scene to work. I guess I still don’t trust myself with this re-write yet. And to hammer that point home, last night I came up with a completely new direction for the storyline.


If it works (and I’m not sure yet that it will), the entire book would be completely different, even the second half that worked in the last re-write. But the beginning would be so much better! While I storyline what would happen in this new direction I’m still writing the other version. If I do end up going with this completely new version, I don’t think I’ll be able to finish the re-write by the end of the month, which is really going to suck. At least this way I’ll have a better version, which I can then re-write again if I need to.

Seriously, I’m getting kind of sick of this. After this re-write I really am going to work on Apollo instead. Fie Eoin is driving me insane.

And in completely different news, I’m starting a list of my favorite photography boards on Pinterest to re-pin from. You can re-pin any photo on these boards without fear of copyright infringement. My favorite boards this week were:

Patricia Davidson: (all of the boards on this profile appear to be safe)

Varina and Jay Patel: (this board is safe, but some of the other boards have images from tumblr, which I don’t trust to re-pin)

The Best Of Pinterest Photographers:

Yegor Korzh: (all of the boards appear to be safe except the “Favorites” board)

Jason Arney: (all of the boards appear to be safe except the “Rising Japan” board).

Enjoy your weekend, Aledans! I’ll have some Gar/Pike goodness for Fie Eoin Friday tomorrow 🙂


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Rebecca Enzor

Rebecca Enzor is a chemist in Charleston, SC who writes Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy and Magical Realism. Repped by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary. Her debut novel, SPEAK THE OCEAN, comes out with Reuts Pub in Fall 2018!

12 thoughts on “Moving In A New Direction…Again.”

  1. I know it hurts when you make a major change to your story that requires a massive rewrite, but if you think it makes the story stronger, then you need to do it. One of the reasons my story has taken so long is because, as I’ve learned about story structure and the techniques to keep the reader interested, I’ve had to go back and redo most of what I’ve written several times. It’s hard to stomach sometimes, but being able to see the obvious improvement keeps me going.

    1. So far I’ve only seen improvement in the beginning. I’ve gotten to a point where it’s become a bit muddled and I’m not sure where it would go from here. But I’ll keep poking at it and see if anything amazing comes from the rest of it 🙂

      In the meantime, plodding on with the current re-write, which I’m very happy with despite this new shiny!

  2. BTW, four days and seven rewrites? That’s nothing. I’ve spent the last several weeks looking at the same two paragraphs and they’re driving me crazy. I just can’t move on.

    1. Oh no! Generally I’ll do a couple re-writes, but I’ve never spent weeks on them (also generally: I’ve not published anything. So maybe I do need to spend more time on things ;P)

  3. Thanks for the great Pinterest links! Wow, that’s a lot of changes, or is it? I got a little dizzy trying to keep track of everything! It’ll all work out in the end. Whichever re-write you use, it will be the one the story needs. Hopefully. If not, then you can just write some more. 😉 Kidding. Seriously, though maybe you should put it aside for awhile and work on your other book. When you come back to it fresh you’ll have a better idea where you want the story to go. Forest through the trees and all that. You’re too close to it right now, maybe some distance will give you more clarity. Just a thought.

    Happy writing, whichever path you choose!

    1. I’d love to take some time out and work on Apollo instead, but I’m writing on a deadline this time. The girls who ran the Crits for Water contest that I won said they would give me time to re-write before they sent my first five pages and query to the agent (I received the “you won!” email the same day I received the “you need to completely re-write this book” email. Crits for Water was only for finished manuscripts – and Nameless was finished at the time I entered the contest – so they’re letting me cheat a bit). I need to get this finished asap or the agent won’t look at it :/

      Either way, the re-write that I’m working on now will be much more solid than the last version. If I decide to change directions again and re-write again, at least I’ll have a solid MS to send to the agent in August 🙂

  4. I’ve noticed when a scene doesn’t feel right, it usually isn’t. Doesn’t mean I know how to fix it. I flail around, make changes, tweak, until I get the epiphany that fixes it all. Boy those feel good.

    1. I usually try to go back to the last part where I knew it worked and go forward in a different direction. But man, it took so many different directions to get that scene right!

      And now of course I’m stuck on the one scene that’s always plagued me since the beginning. It’s the crucial First Plot Point, and I’ve never been able to get it to work. Hopefully it will happen this weekend!

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