Once Again The Writing Community Proves To Be The Most Amazing People Ever.

My guard dog, Hops.
My guard dog, Hops.

What a crazy day, Aledans! I’ve been working on fixing my query for #PitchMadness tomorrow, only to realize that I need a logline, not a query! Oops *blushes* That’s what happens when you don’t read directions, kids.

Then in the middle of the day I got a call from ADT that our alarm was going off at the house. Fairly confident no one was inside breaking stuff (because Hops would stop them) I drove home to check it out. Either the stealthiest burglar was in there, or the dogs jumped on the window to set off the alarm and make me come home, because I didn’t see anything. The dogs were super excited I was home to turn off the annoying noise, and then of course they rolled around in the dirt when I let them outside. So I had to wash them off before I headed back to work.

When I checked Twitter after the alarm fiasco, @writerjayme had re-written my logline for me. It’s so much more exciting now! Take a look:

“When Chief Oak sells Kindra’s sister to the enemy, she’s forced to choose between a daring rescue mission and wresting control from the chief before he can sabotage the tribe further.”

So much love. Once again the writing community proves to be the most amazing people ever. That’s the best part of these contests, really – helping each other to polish our work, and collectively stressing over it.

Speaking of polishing work, I’m still working on the critiques I owe. Kurt’s was quick and easy (and really interesting!) and I’m a little over half done with Amy’s. Ryan’s is next in the mix, and I’m getting a chapter a week from L Anne. Then I have Tyffani’s. I’m going to try to get them all done by the end of March, because I found out Camp NaNo has switched to April this year, and I’d like to use it to bust out the next draft of Apollo. He started as a NaNovel – I’m pretty sure I can write it again in one month, especially with the drive that NaNo brings.

Plus, you know, I don’t have to try to herd cats while I do it this time 😉 (I love all my wrimo kittens!)

Anyone else doing Camp NaNo next month? What about #PitchMadness? Need help with your pitch, or want to pick mine apart? Leave it in the comments and I’ll take a look at it tonight! 🙂

(P.S. did you see my new feature this week, Science Tuesdays?)

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Rebecca Enzor

Rebecca Enzor is a chemist in Charleston, SC who writes Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy and Magical Realism. Repped by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary.

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