Another Quick and Dirty Science Tuesday

It’s been a month since I posted a Science Tuesday, and my Inbox is exploding with the past month’s science news. We have a lot to get through, so I’m only posting the headlines – if you find them interesting, click the link to read more.  Good luck.

Researchers say fossil may be oldest ever in Nev.

Archaeologists discover Israeli town that may date to biblical times

Could a comet strike be the cause of life on Earth?

Technology transforms sewer water into electricity

Healthy lifestyles shown to reverse aging at cellular level

Search for clues about dark energy is underway

Something to chew on — artificial teeth that monitor health habits

Faster visual systems give small animals slow-motion view of world

Unlike leopards, these snails can change their spots

Sequenced Siberian tiger genome indicates big cats are born to kill <–Um…duh?

Steep decline seen in drug-resistant bacterial infections

A dinosaur model in a wind tunnel

4 new species of legless lizard found in California

Researchers study how to put drug factories in your bones <–This is a story just waiting to happen. How cool.

Study finds new level of deep coma in which brain activity revives

Researchers identify gene that can stop spread of HIV in the body

Magma blob has scientists scratching their heads

Earth could sustain life at least 1.75B more years, researchers say

Rover unable to find methane on Mars, NASA says

Largest deep earthquake puzzles seismologists

Study: Humans can smell 10 categories of scents <–The 10 categories are: fragrant, woody/resinous, fruity (non-citrus), chemical, minty/peppermint, sweet, popcorn, lemon, pungent and decayed.

Lol, popcorn is it’s own scent category 😛

Study shows MERS virus jumped from animals to humans several times

Alaska glacier melt uncovers ancient forest

Researchers seek public’s help with plankton study

Audubon’s warblers pick up urge to migrate from interbreeding

NASA ends Deep Impact’s mission

Therapy administered during sleep could ease traumatic memories <–So basically they make you have nightmares of your traumatic memories every night until you’re desensitized to them. Um…no thanks.

Study finds vitamin B supplements may cut stroke risk

Leaving the galaxy would take some serious speed, study finds <–A TARDIS would also work.

Children with Down syndrome have leukemia-causing gene mutation

Afternoon naps may boost preschool children’s memory <–I think this would boost everyone’s memory. Nap time for all!

Parasites found in Egyptian dog mummy

Professor says he’s found Lincoln in a crowd photo at Gettysburg

Data about water on Mars served up at science congress

Moon not as old as once thought, study suggests

Massive quake in Pakistan may have triggered mud volcano island

Ancient leopard traps found in Israel desert

Ancient trilobites rolled up to defend themselves, study finds

19 elements to have atomic weights adjusted

Pulsar demonstrates ability to change from one form to another

New telescope camera snaps stellar view of Cat’s Paw Nebula <–Pretty!

Cuckoo finch foists parenting on other bird species <–Now that’s my kind of parenting (which is why I’m not a parent 😉 )

Fish fossil face could offer clues to evolution of human visage

Huge cache of dinosaur tracks uncovered in Alaska

New species of fungus beetle found in Ariz. cave has no eyes, wings

Genetic characteristics may help predict prostate cancer treatment response

Oxygen present on Earth 3B years ago, study suggests

Earth’s slowing rotation is making days longer, NIST says

Researchers build carbon-nanotube computer

Satellites give researchers a view of sinking Venice

Marine creatures may have multiple internal clocks

Doctors fashion new nose for man using his forehead <–*shudders* I hope I never have to grow a nose on my forehead.

Easter Island settlers ate rats, study finds

Greater MS risk seen in children, teens with diabetes

Plastics chemical found around Saturn moon Titan

Yahoo Japan creates 3D printer for students who are visually impaired

Indonesian volcano thought to be source of massive eruption in 13th century

Iraqi mound reveals evidence of ancient city

DNA-swapping microbes thrive in salty Antarctic lake

Molecule in centipede venom could lead to pain treatment

Woman with rare malady unable to hear words, but can hear sounds <–Whoa. I had no idea this existed, or that it was treatable.

Flowering plants bloomed along with first dinosaurs, study suggests

Ancient hunting tools uncovered in melting snow patch

Scientists map clouds of huge planet outside the solar system

Tear, salivary glands grown from stem cells transplanted into mice

Government shutdown has deep impact on NASA, may delay Mars mission

Study suggests ancient Mars climate was altered by supervolcanoes

Radium, other contaminants found in fracking wastewater, study says <–Radium is one of the tests I used to run in the lab. It’s a fun one – you get to turn the samples different colors and they get really hot.

London construction workers find Roman-era skulls along new rail route

Worker digging oil pipeline unearths dinosaur tail

Stem cell extraction technique uses magnets

Jellyfish clog cooling pipes at Swedish nuclear reactor

Power plants could benefit from charged water drops, study says

Ocean health imperiled thrice over, IPSO says

Bulk of Earth’s xenon concealed in planet’s core, study suggests

South American expedition finds 60 possible new species

Honeybees smell trouble in diesel exhaust

Mystery diseases diagnosed through Human Genome Project

Lab-grown brain cells shows promise for treating Parkinson’s disease

Higgs boson key to dark matter creation, physicists suggest

Researchers devise early warning system for sinkholes

Mercury may be turning masterpieces black, researchers say

3 Americans share Nobel Prize for their work on cells

NASA finds way to keep Mars mission aloft amid government shutdown

Physicists win Nobel prize for predicting Higgs boson

Tall tunnels found underneath Antarctic ice shelf

Pinocchio lizard not extinct after all

Robotic swarm to be used to shred jellyfish in South Korea <–I’m not a huge jellyfish fan, but ouch!

Unique sundial found marking ancient grave in Ukraine

New metal can change shape

Pebble is evidence of comet strike 28 million years ago, researcher says

Swiss company looks to clean up junk orbiting Earth

Astronomers rediscover elusive Neptune moon in Hubble photos

Earth to help slingshot NASA spacecraft toward Jupiter

Evidence of massacre found at ancient fort site in Sweden

Portrait found in Swiss bank vault resembles da Vinci drawing

DNA study links Ashkenazi Jews’ lineage to Europe

Malaria vaccine could be available in 2016

Nobel Prize for chemistry goes to 3 U.S. scientists

Saturn, Jupiter may hold tons of diamonds, study suggests <–Guess we shouldn’t have shut down NASA, huh?

DNA test casts doubt that mummified head was that of Henry IV

Study: Cell culture transplant shows promise in treating brain disorders

Study: Melting iron in Earth’s inner core leads to seismic anomaly

New species of large Amazonian fish is identified

Ozone changes cause warmer temperatures in southern Africa, research finds

Portable device could help with treatment of jaundiced babies

Juno probe en route to Jupiter after puzzling glitch

Submerged wireless network could allow researchers to be online and underwater <–Looks like my mermaids in StO could be getting WiFi 😉

Fossilized mosquito is first found with blood in abdomen <–But…in JURASSIC PARK they showed the researchers taking blood from a mosquito! My childhood is a lie!

Broccoli byproduct could treat radiation sickness, study finds

Researchers explore how brain registers touch


Whew! That was a LOT of science news. I’ll get back on my normal Science Tuesday schedule next week, but if you don’t want to wait for Tuesdays to get your science news fix you can sign up for the Sigma Xi SmartBrief here.

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4 thoughts on “Another Quick and Dirty Science Tuesday”

  1. You call that quick? I’d be reading into tomorrow if I clicked all those links. I try to take a nap every afternoon but I don’t see it helping my memory. I think it may be too late for me. Time to wake up and smell the popcorn.

    Tossing It Out

  2. Dang! I’ve forgotten in this short month how much research material I find in your science links! I have a new SF idea to work on now, too (I know! I’m crazy!), after I finish a few other things.

    So much goodness here. And you know how much I love the articles about things that make the scientists “scratch their heads,” because that just leads to more questions to ask and investigate (and generate story ideas).

    Mermaids now need waterproof gadgets to use their new wireless service. 😉

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