Happy 2014 Aledans!

The Drunken Extravaganza (with Hubs)
The Drunken Extravaganza (with Hubs)

Happy New Year, Aledans!

I have to say, I’m not at all sad about bidding so long to 2013. It was a hell of a year. Re-reading through my posts this year confirmed it. There were lots of good things about it, but overall it was a year-long lesson in tenacity and humility that ended in tears and then a drunken extravaganza with friends.

I’m still recovering from that drunken extravaganza, but it was worth it. There’s nothing like spending the first two days of a year hung-over to know you’ve properly kicked last year’s ass out the door.

So now, instead of dwelling on the ups and downs of 2013, it’s time to turn my attention to the new year. I have one goal for this year: be kinder to myself. I spent a great majority of the past year trying to do too much, and then hating myself when I couldn’t get it all done. I’m very good at doing one thing at a time, but when I try to do a bunch of things at once I fail miserably. I already knew this, and I tried anyways. That made for a disappointing year, so this year I’m not doing that to myself.

In fact, January is dedicated to nothing. I have no goals for January. I’m not going to look at Nameless. I’m not going to look at Apollo. I’m going to read whatever I want, and write whatever I feel like, and not worry about being productive until February.

Once February rolls around I’ll get back to work. Fix the emotion issues in the rest of Nameless. Continue to query it. Change all the names in Apollo (with the exception of Daphne and Dion, because I like their names, and they fit). Finish Speak the Ocean. Beta/CP stuff. Maybe even come up with a plan to tackle Book of Souls again. Do one thing at a time so I get it right, instead of flailing all over trying to do more than I can handle. Most of all, be kinder to myself.

But first I think I’ll buy more chocolate.

I wish you all the best for this year, Aledans. Be kind to yourselves.


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Rebecca Enzor

Rebecca Enzor is a chemist in Charleston, SC who writes Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy and Magical Realism. Repped by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary.

10 thoughts on “Happy 2014 Aledans!”

  1. More chocolate and kindness! Those are the perfect goals for January! 😀 Definitely take care of yourself.

    I always plan more than I can do. You can’t beat yourself up for it–it just means you have lots and lots of great ideas.

    Happy New Year! Only looking forward now….

    1. Yes. Looking forward!

      January has already knocked me on my ass with a nice head-cold, which FORCED me to slow my shit down and do nothing but read for three days straight. I have to say – this is the best head cold I’ve ever had 😉

  2. Hurrah for no goals! I wanted to do no goals for January, but I’ve already been putting several things off for too long, but I am going to take it easy.

    2013 kicked my butt too, and being kinder to myself (by learning to say no to other – it’s hard when it’s family and things are legitimately going wrong – rather than trying to push myself to do too much) is my goal for the year too. I need to learn to enjoy life again.

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