Snow Days and Evil Mermaids

Happy Thursday, Aledans! We had a snow day yesterday (yes, in Charleston, SC!) so although I’m coming down with another cold I’m feeling pretty good today. Since it’s the Month of Do-Nothing I decided to do nothing yesterday. I watched TV and played WoW for a good portion of the day (I reached Vashj’ir, which I love playing in! I get to ride a seahorse and kill evil mermaids!), and wrote a little bit of StO.

Speaking of StO and evil mermaids, about two hours after last week’s Update post I decided to completely scrap the old version of StO and re-write it with a different concept. My mermaids are a little more viscous now, and there’s a fun twist that I think you’ll like. I still adore the old version, and I’ll probably continue writing it for myself and some CPs, but the new version is definitely more exciting. I’m still storylining it and trying to figure out how to weave all the components together, but I’m nearly to the end.

In fact, while I was writing this I figured out a HUGE plot point. I do so love to torture characters ❤

Next month is a #WriteMotivation month, but in the spirit of being kinder to myself my only goals are to continue writing StO, finish mapping it out (I’m nearly done with that), and figure out the new names for Apollo and all his buddies (except Daphne and Dion, who are keeping their names). It’s also time to jump back on the query horse. I’ve had my month off, time to get back to work again.

How has the beginning of the year gone for you, Aledans? Any big plans for February?

Newspaper forecast for snow!
Newspaper forecast for snow!

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Rebecca Enzor

Rebecca Enzor is a chemist in Charleston, SC who writes Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy and Magical Realism. Repped by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary.

2 thoughts on “Snow Days and Evil Mermaids”

  1. We need more snow days! 😀

    Yay for working on StO. Keep going.

    As for me, I plan to finish up Mayberry with Monsters next month and then work on WS again in preparation for querying it. Oh, yes! It’s going to happen.

    1. I’d love another snow day – especially if it’s for snow and not ice!

      I’ll be sending you the first scene of the new version as soon as I get it typed up. I just finished it at lunch 😀

      Yay! Querying WS!

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