The Final July #WriteMotivation Update

Happy Thursday, Aledan Merfolk! As you may have seen in my Custom of the Week post, I had food poisoning on Saturday, so I spent the day reading through everything I’ve already written for StO. I found a lot of weak spots, and it helped me figure out what needed to come next, so I was able to start writing again. I’m about to hit a REALLY BIG SCENE in which my mermaid gives my humans a giant middle finger, and then it should all be very fast-paced, downhill writing from there 😀

Erie the mermaid practices a naughty gesture Finn taught her.
Erie the mermaid practices a naughty gesture Finn taught her (this is why I don’t draw).

In an effort to make sure these scenes are as accurate as possible I had to contact PETA, which was kind of fun. I emailed them that I was writing a book about [it’s a surprise!] but didn’t mention the mermaids. They wrote back and said they’d need more info in order to help, so then I had to tell them about the mermaids. I’m sure they spent a good several minutes laughing when they received that email, but they wrote back with a very detailed response full of helpful advice! They even listed a couple things I hadn’t thought of, so I’m glad I emailed them even though I sounded like an idiot 🙂

#WriteMotivation is taking a break next month, but let’s see how I did on the final day of July:

  1. Actually finish the first draft of StO this month. For reals. Yeah, that didn’t happen. BUT, I’m very close! I’m hoping to finish the first draft by WriteOnCon.
  2. Start switching Erie’s POV in the first half of StO. This didn’t happen either. I’ll start once I finish the first draft (and most of the weak spots I noticed on my read-through were Erie parts, so this will help).
  3. Catch up on Science Tuesdays because I still haven’t done that… Hahahahahahahaha >.<
  4. Morning Swims! I’ve actually done really well with this one! I even went to yoga yesterday for the first time in months… which is why I didn’t swim this morning – I can barely move my arms 😛
  5. Don’t forget to cheer on the other bloggers. How is this seriously the hardest goal?

So not great, but not too terrible either. And honestly, the morning swims/getting healthy thing is probably the most pressing order of business, because it’s still beach season and this tummy needs to take a hike.

I also just realized that tomorrow is August, and I need to get everything ready for PonyFest14! I learned a lot last year, so there’ll be some changes coming to this year’s contest. And, of course, even more prizes! Get ready for the blog-takeover, Aledans 🙂

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Rebecca Enzor

Rebecca Enzor is a chemist in Charleston, SC who writes Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy and Magical Realism. Repped by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary.

3 thoughts on “The Final July #WriteMotivation Update”

  1. So glad to hear you’re feeling better. That drawing really cracked me up. I love that you got a great response from PETA. Even though you probably gave them a good laugh at the office, I bet they also appreciated that you want your story to be authentic. 🙂

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