Fie Eoin Friday: The Winged Warrior, Part 5

Happy Friday, Aledans! You may recall that last week, after a battle between cousins, I threw a princess off a cliff (you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to throw someone off that cliff!). She hasn’t quite gone SPLAT yet – it’s a long fall 😉

Catch up with the story here.

The Winged Warrior

“Kindra!” Hem yelled as he spun.

Ocean took a running start and dove off the cliff after her. The princess flailed, but Ocean tucked her arms and wings in, as true as a spear hitting its mark. She grabbed the girl around the waist and spread her wings, jerking them both up. The princess was heavier than the armor, though, and all Ocean accomplished was pushing them into an angled fall. “Kindra!” She cried out, to the princess or the goddess she didn’t know, and strained her wings to lift them.

The ground rushed at them fast—too fast. Ocean squeezed her eyes closed and wrapped herself around the princess. She felt the energy of the ground as they neared and wished desperately that she’d been born with the power to control it.

A sudden warm rush of energy hit her wings and pushed her up slightly. She opened her eyes in surprise. They sped along, inches from the dirt. She tucked her shoulder just before they hit solid ground. Pain exploded through her right side as Ocean wrapped tighter around the princess. They rolled to a stop, Ocean on her back and the girl atop her.

Sharp, dizzying pain throbbed through her body. “Princess,” she gasped. “Are you ok?”

Curls lay very still for a moment before whispering, “I think so.”

“Then…get off me,” Ocean managed to grind out.

The princess scrambled to the side and Ocean groaned as it sent pain shooting through her chest and arm. Yule landed and knelt, put her warm fingers on either side of Ocean’s face, and looked in her eyes. “Ocean,” her voice wavered, “Look at me.”

“I’m trying,” Ocean groaned. “When I…figure out…which one to…look at.”

“Concussion,” Yule whispered, tears shimmering in her eyes. She wiped them away, switching from lover to priestess, and flattened her hands to hold them just over Ocean’s head, then neck, then shoulders. “Wiggle your right fingers.”

Ocean squeezed her eyes together, then gasped. “Can’t.”

Yule nodded and put one hand on the top of Ocean’s shoulder and gripped the top of her arm with the other. “This is going to hurt, love. A lot.”

She didn’t give Ocean’s addled brain time to comprehend that before she shoved the joint back in place. Ocean would have screamed if she could have taken a full breath. Instead she gasped, then moaned.

“Can you wiggle your fingers now?”

Her hand shook, but the fingers moved.

“Good.” Yule brushed her warm fingers over Ocean’s shoulder, drawing healing energy into it. “Your arm’s broken, but the shoulder is back in place. Can you take a full breath?”

“No,” Ocean whispered.

Yule ran her hands just above Ocean’s chest, eyes closed, all her attention focused on the energy. “Broken ribs—at least three. Something deeper…” She didn’t elaborate as her hands moved lower, then down each leg.

She opened her eyes and put her hands on either side of Ocean’s face as the stoic priestess disappeared and the tears returned. When she spoke her voice was rough. “Don’t you ever do anything that stupid again.”

“Couldn’t let…the princess…die.”

“That’s not the part I was talking about,” Yule said and kissed her. Warmth spread through Ocean at the touch.


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Rebecca Enzor

Rebecca Enzor is a chemist in Charleston, SC who writes Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy and Magical Realism. Repped by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary.

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