Worldbuilding ENFIELDS and Gearing Up for #NaNo

Happy Friday, Aledan Merfolk! I totally forgot that yesterday was Update day, and with all the posting I’ve done in the past week (the return of Custom Pony of the Week AND Science Tuesday!), you’re probably sick of me. Be prepared, because I have another custom this weekend, and plan to post Science Tuesday again next week 😉

I spent most of the past week world building Enfields. I had a wonderful dream with lush scenery that’s stuck with me so much that I just know that’s the world I’m using. Jungles and mountains and rivers and lots of green and pink and purple. I have yet to name my MC – or any of the other characters – but I’m coming up with a lot of creatures to populate my world. Since enfields are fox/hawk hybrids, I’m mashing together other animals to see what sticks. The angler adder is my favorite so far: it’s a venomous snake with an angler fish’s lure poking out of its forehead to attract prey. It likes to eat enfields.

There’s also a dragon. Cause, you know, dragons.

I finished reading SHRIKE by Emmie Mears this week, and I tell you what: she does not shy away from the body count! I loved it ❤ I started SHARPE’S TIGER by Bernard Cornwell (holy 36 page long first chapter!), and I’m listening to HALF A KING by Joe Abercrombie. I’m also knee-deep in CPing for two people.

NaNoWriMo is coming up, and if I can get a bit more world building finished for Enfields I think I’m going to give it a try. I haven’t had success with NaNo the past two times I tried it (first with Book of Souls, then with the boring YA version of StO), but I used to be ML and won six years in a row. Either way, it’ll be super fun to go to write-ins again, and I need to get the first draft of Enfields written at some point. Might as well use the energy of NaNo to do it. This will definitely be one of those books where the first draft will be really rough. StO’s first draft was a breeze and pretty damn solid. Enfields will be a hot mess 🙂

That’s ok. I really like re-writing books *coughsFieEoincoughs*

Mononoke ten feet up in the tree (Ripley is hiding behind her)
Mononoke ten feet up in the tree (Ripley is hiding behind her)

In a bit of chicken news: we had to move the coop because the ladies figured out how to use it to climb the fence and hide up in the trees in the neighbor’s yard. THAT WAS FUN. We managed to get them down without injuring them (or us), and moved the coop to the side of the house where they can jump on the roof instead (we watched them try to figure it out last night. I don’t think they’ll be able to make it). Hopefully we’ll get some eggs next month – they’re getting big! And they definitely aren’t roosters this time.

Have a wonderful weekend, Aledans, and make sure you pop back in on Sunday for a Toothless custom!

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3 thoughts on “Worldbuilding ENFIELDS and Gearing Up for #NaNo”

    1. My outline includes super helpful things like “reveals secret”, “decides to fight”, “something bad happens”, and “reveals secret here instead?” >.<

      Yay for hens! Finally! 😛

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