Enfields World Building is a Hot Mess

Happy Thursday, Aledan Merfolk! I don’t even know how it’s already Thursday. Where did the week go? The month? It’s almost Halloween and I don’t even have a costume! Yikes.

It’s also almost NaNo time, and my Enfields world building is a mess. An utter mess. But I did switch the gender of the MC’s love interest from male to female, which makes much more sense for her actions. Bonus: all female cast! I also figured out a bit of the love interest’s backstory, so that’s helpful. And I had a dream about giraffe/camel hybrids, so guess what’s going into the book? That’s right: gimels…or caraffes? Camaffes? Girmels? I gotta look up some scientific names and see if they make more sense.

See, I told you the world building was a mess 😉

I’m still reading SHARPE’S TIGER and listening to HALF A KING. I finished one CP project and I’m deep into another. And Hubs and I are watching Star Trek: The Next Generation from start to finish, so that’s fun 🙂 Two episodes of ST:TNG and then a half a chapter of SHARPE a night (half a chapter because the chapters are so damn long! There are only 11 chapters in a 377 page book).

In super exciting news: PonyFest15 will be announced this weekend! If you haven’t heard of PonyFest, it’s a chance to design a my little pony based on your book and win a custom based on your design! Plus books, of course! Come back on Sunday to check it out – it’s a ton of fun 🙂

Have a good weekend, Aledans, and if you want to be NaNo buddies, add me here: http://nanowrimo.org/participants/becka

Because you can't have an update post without a chicken picture.
Because you can’t have an update post without a chicken picture. Princess Mononoke (black and white) and Ripley (brown and yellow).

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Rebecca Enzor is a chemist in Charleston, SC who writes Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy and Magical Realism. Repped by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary.

8 thoughts on “Enfields World Building is a Hot Mess”

    1. I couldn’t believe the ladies stayed “still” long enough for me to get several good shots of them and make that gif!

      I’m not a hard-core plotter, but I usually go into a first draft with more than I have. Right now I have the beginning, a couple big spots in the middle (although I have no idea what order they go in), and the ending. The ending is awesome, I’m just not sure how to get there yet.

      But hey, that’s what makes NaNo the fun, slightly terrifying ride that it is, right? 🙂

      1. General directions work best for me. “Cross the woods, and climb the hill on the far side of the valley.” I find it’s better not to have a map of every damned tree in the forest! 😀 It’s the little discoveries and sudden 11pm epiphanies that make the journey fun. No one has fun on a schedule. 😉

        1. I like to have my major plot points mapped, but not the details. I think I just figured out the midpoint, but it involves killing an enfield and I don’t want to write that 😦 I will, but I don’t want to.

          1. Mid point, black moment, ect.. I probably do have these, just not so pre-planned and by label. To me, that much plotting/structure feels like “writing by checklist”. I’m more free-flowing, organically growing in my writing style. If that makes any sense. Writers are weird and different. there’s no one (write) right answer! 😀

          2. I used to do the same until I realized my structure was all off on FE. When I started writing StO I began with my major points plotted out and it made the first draft so much easier for me, and then I didn’t have to re-write chunks. I think I’m officially in the half-plotter camp now, although the surprises in getting to those points is certainly fun! 🙂

    1. Give me a few years to learn how to draw…. 😛

      It was basically a camel with an extra-long neck and smaller hump. And camels have pretty long necks anyways, so I’m not sure how my brain even though giraffe/camel rather than just “weird looking camel”.

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