Hello 2016! It’s Nice to Meet You

Happy Thursday, Aledan Merfolk! As you can see, things are back to normal on the blog, with Custom Pony of the Week and Science Tuesday both back in full force. Time to get back to updating you as well, especially since I have a lot to update.

The epic Christmas family travel tour went well, aside from alllllllllll the hours we spent in the car. We slept on 7 different beds in 14 days (including our own beds), and my body didn’t appreciate that. Today I had to go in for a “deep tissue massage” which was really just a woman grinding her elbow into my muscles and then telling me to move them for fifteen minutes. It’s not easy to move already-painful muscles while someone’s elbow is lodged an inch into them. I have to go back on Monday for more torture.

BookshelfWhen we returned from traveling, we moved our entire master bedroom into the guest bedroom in preparation for our new bedroom set, which would be absolutely amazing if they hadn’t sold us the wrong bed. The actual bed we were trying to purchase won’t be ready until mid-Feb, so we’re sleeping on the wrong bed for the time being (the new mattress, however, is AMAZING. Go get a Tempurpedic, seriously). The rest of the set, which was correct, looks awesome and has so much storage, so I’m very happy with that. Once we get the correct bed everything in that room will be perfect (including the new bookshelf!)

On the writing front: I completed Nephele Tempest’s December Writing Challenge by writing 29/31 days in December! I didn’t always write a lot, but I did write all but two days, even with all the travel. And now that I’m back to work and things are normalizing I’ve been doing writing sprints every night with my awesome CP Mike, and getting almost NaNo-wordcounts. Last night I shot my MC! It was fun 🙂

FantasyMedley3My only resolution this year was to read more books for fun, because I only read a measly 24 last year (I did a TON of CPing last year though, and I started a bunch of books that I haven’t finished yet). So far I’ve finished SHIP FEVER by Andrea Barrett, which wasn’t my usual fare for reading, but was a Christmas present from my sister. All of the short stories in the book had something to do with science, and the first story was about Mendel! (I love me some Mendel) The stories were vastly different, but I really enjoyed it. Now I’m reading FANTASY MEDLEY 3, of which I’ve finished GODDESS AT THE CROSSROADS by Kevin Hearne (an Iron Druid short story with talking doggies and Shakespeare! Go read it!), and moved on to the next one, which features a demon in Detroit! Fun!

I hope the beginning of 2016 has been treating you well, Aledans. I’ll see you on Sunday for another beautiful custom pony, and on Tuesday for all the science news you can fit in one post! Have a great weekend 😀


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Rebecca Enzor

Rebecca Enzor is a chemist in Charleston, SC who writes Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy and Magical Realism. Repped by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary. Her debut novel, SPEAK THE OCEAN, comes out with Reuts Pub in Fall 2018!

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