Reading and Worldbuilding

Happy Thursday, Aledan Merfolk! You may notice that once again Science Tuesday didn’t go up, but that’s because once again I was making a major purchase for the house. Since we got the new bed last month, and therefore a new comforter to fit the new bed, we broke the motor on our washing machine trying to wash the new (giant) comforter. Which means we needed a new washing machine, and since we were planning to buy a new stackable unit soon anyways, we also bought a new dryer. YAY! Once they’re delivered I can wash the comforter that’s starting to smell like the dogs! 😉

I spent this week reading and worldbuilding Enfields. I read STAKED by Kevin Hearne (an excellent addition to the Iron Druid Chronicles!), and now QUEEN OF THE TEARLING by Erika Johansen, which I thought was YA until the evil Queen’s first scene. Oops. As far as worldbuilding goes, I’ve been reading Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions from Patricia C Wrede at SFWA to get my mind churning. I’ve already come up with a couple of backstory and plot things based on that, although I haven’t gotten through all the questions yet. I plan to start writing Enfields again next week, but I haven’t decided if I’m going to start from scratch or keep going from where I left off.

And in chicken news, Mona laid a duck-sized egg! The thing is freaking HUGE, and I have no idea how something so big came out of such a small chicken.

Mononoke’s giant egg, compared to the rest of them.

Have a wonderful weekend, Aledan Merfolk! I have another awesome custom pony for you on Sunday, and Science Tuesday will be a two-weeker!


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Rebecca Enzor is a chemist in Charleston, SC who writes Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy and Magical Realism. Repped by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary.

4 thoughts on “Reading and Worldbuilding”

  1. That egg probably has 2-3 yolks in it. 😉 And yay for a new washer and dryer! I had to get a new washer last summer, and I really want a new dryer to MATCH it, but that’s going to have to wait a while longer.

    1. I’m hoping for three! *crosses fingers* I plan to take a video when we crack it.

      Yeah, luckily we were already planning to get a new set this year, so we just bumped it up a few months. It’ll make it so much easier to clean all the dog beds and stuff 😛

  2. We’d a chicken, Agah, that used to lay huge eggs, always were double yolkers. That one looks massive though, poor little Mononoke, bet she was clucking something fierce afterwards. Agah always did.

    1. Oh yeah, she was hobbling around crying for a while 😦 But it was Saturday so we were home with her and working outside, so she forgot pretty quickly when there were piles of leaves to re-scatter 🙂

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