Announcing #PonyFest16!

It’s here! PonyFest16! For those of you who’ve been hanging around the blog for a few years, you know what this means: my blog is being taken over by My Little Ponies for the next month. For those of you who haven’t been around, PonyFest is a contest where authors design a My Little Pony based on their book for a chance to win a custom pony based on their design and a bunch of books! All the rules and prizes for the contest are below, but first we have one of the 2014 winning customs by PonyFest customizer Caeti-Leigh:

Kasmira, design by Bethany, custom by Caeti-Leigh

And now for PonyFest16!

 The Rules:

-either draw your own pony or use the pony creator to make a pony based on your novel. Choose colors for the body, mane/tail, and eye color, as well as a symbol. Ponies can be earthers, unicorns or pegasi (ponies with both a horn and wings will be disqualified). No Twice As Fancy symbols (the symbol design can’t cover the whole body).

-all ponies must come from a full-length, original work (no fanfics). Unpublished novels are OK. Feel free to plug your published novel in your post!

-it can be a pony based on a character, setting, or theme from your novel. You can make more than one pony, but they must be voted on as a whole, from the same book, and only ONE of those ponies will be customized.

-write up a short description of your pony(s), and a one sentence tag-line for the book.

-post the pony(s) on your blog (or other social media page) by Sun October 2nd and reply here with the link to that post.

-from October 4th through 15th visit the other blogs and vote for your favorite pony!

winners will be announced on October 16th!

The Vote: There are two votes: one popular, one panel. The Panel vote is made up of pony customizers including Kalavista, LightningSilver-Mana, jupiternwndrlnd, RevRuby, Nichi Tsukinoko, TexasGal, and Saja, among others. The Popular vote will be the same as in years past through a poll on the PonyFest post.

The Prizes: The winner of the panel vote will have their pony made into a real custom pony by one of the panel customizers, plus receive a copy of The Secret of Shadow by customizer Kalavista! The winner will also receive a copy of Ink by Amanda Sun (the first PonyFest winner!), Inspired by Danielle Shipley (2013’s PonyFest winner!), and Storm Chaser by Angela Wallace (2014’s PonyFest Panel winner!).

The winner of the popular vote will receive their choice of Mane Six pony, plus a copy of The Secret of Shadow by Kalavista, Spookygirl by Jill Baguchinsky, Angelfire by Courtney A Moulton, and Kiss of the Fey by Charlotte Cyprus (2014’s PonyFest Popular Vote winner!)

Restrictions: The custom pony will not have clothes or accessories (no sculpty/clay will be used), so make a representation of the character, rather than a carbon-copy right down to their underwear. No Alicorns/Unipegs, Twice-As-Fancy symbols (symbols that cover the entire body) or sitting poses. Open to US/Canada residents only (you can still play, but only US/C residents can win the prize, sorry!).

Good luck everyone!


Published by

Rebecca Enzor

Rebecca Enzor is a chemist in Charleston, SC who writes Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy and Magical Realism. Repped by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary. Her debut novel, SPEAK THE OCEAN, comes out with Reuts Pub in Fall 2018!

24 thoughts on “Announcing #PonyFest16!”

  1. This was so fun!! Thanks Rebecca!!
    Here is my Pony, Lia. When this fiery PI’s past life resurfaces, it irrevocably ties her to the ex-cop who’s been hunting her. Now the pair must decipher clues from a tragic Viking romance or lose their hearts and lives to the same star-crossed fate. THE SPARROW

  2. Love this idea! Had so much fun 😀
    Here is my pony: Dakota. She’s got an anchor and blue hair for the Navy – where her love enlists.
    Summary: Dakota had a plan, until her best friend enlisted. Torn between love & fear, she learns things aren’t as simple as she believed.

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