profilepicWelcome to Mermaids and Margaritas!  I’m Rebecca Enzor, a nuclear chemist in Charleston, SC, where I live with my husband, two dogs, three cats, and two chickens. I love mythology, wine (and margaritas), everything to do with the ocean, and My Little Pony (although I pre-date “Bronies” by a good number of years). I once wrote 335 words on a single sticky note.

Every Sunday is “Custom Pony of the Week” where I post a custom My Little Pony.  Science Tuesday is all the science news I shared for the past week on Google+ and Twitter.  Thursdays are update days, to tell you how my projects are coming, and at the end of the week I occasionally have “Fie Eoin Friday”: back-story or a deleted scene from one of my novels.

For daily updates on my writing and the books/blogs I’m reading, follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+

Or you can email me: rebeccaenzor@gmail.com

I am represented by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary


13 thoughts on “About”

  1. You’re awesome. That’s all I have to say. That and I hope everything you wrote is actually true. Because that’s awesome.

    I love when writers do something totally different in their day jobs. It’s so refreshing!

  2. It true – I really am a nuclear chemist. Although I try not to blow things up 🙂

    I think that’s why I like writing so much. I need to do something creative after all that time being analytical and technical all day.

    1. I think Twitter threw me your way because the bird knows we’re supposed to be friends. I write YA fantasy in a room that may contain at least one stuffed Twilight Sparkle. Also, a guy in my critique club is a nuclear engineer and says the same thing about writing. Crazy world.

      Hope writing is going awesome!

  3. I loved readingyour bio. I am a car salesman by day (though I hate it) and I totally get the *sticky note* thing. I find bits and pieces of stories on all sorts of things; napkins, backs of buyer’s orders, everything.

    Pleased to make your acquaintance.

    1. It is a pleasure to meet you too. Anyone who is an avid fan of Greek Mythology is welcome here! (as is anyone who is not, but they may get bored :P)

      It might be time for a favorite Greek myth blogfest… (or favorite any myth blogfest)

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog today. Glad to hear from another chemist. Looking back through some of your posts, I see you were originally from Michigan, which is where I live now Small world.

  5. Hi there, noticed you’re GUTGAA blogroll too, just thought I’d pop by and say hi. I’m trying to meet as many writers as possible and GUTGAA seems like a great opportunity to do just that. You’re certainly the first I’ve come across who daylights as a nuclear chemist, that’s pretty awesome!

  6. Great bio, I love that you do deleted scenes/backstory in one of your weekly posts. Also, even though I know it’s popular, I personally come across so few writers delving into magical realism, that I’m always really psyched to see what they’ll crank out ^_^.

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