Sticky #3


 This is the beginning of the Nano story, Pike’s Revenge – sequel of Fie Eoin (for more on Nano, see my last post).  I also scanned the back of these two stickies, but I think you get the gist of what is going on from these two.  It did the job of scandalizing Fie Eoin’s readers, although it really is a harmless beginning.  To read more, you’ll have to visit Pike’s Revenge.  This year I’m going to actually try keeping on top of things and posting sections of the story as they are written – and damn if they suck, as they should per Nano.



So, tomorrow another sticky will be going up, but today I wanted to talk about NaNoWriMo.  For those of you who don’t know it yet, November is National Novel Writing Month, where you write a 50,000 word book in a month.  What do you win if you succeed?  A little graphic of a man running with a pencil.  And a completed manuscript that would be laughed at if you showed it to anyone.  I won’t be showing mine here, but if you visit Pike’s Revenge and get yourself friended I’d be happy to let you read my work and help me edit it later.  Because the whole point of Nano is the word count. 

It doesn’t matter if your book sucks (and trust me, it’s going to suck).  It doesn’t matter if you type out the word MOO forty seven thousand times to reach your goal (yes, I know someone who has done this – although 47k is probably an exaggeration 😉 ), it just matters that you are writing, furiously, for 30 days.  You will survive on coffee and a masochistic need to “win” for the entire month (including Thanksgiving – holidays just don’t get better than asking your husband if you can take dinner to your computer).  You will become a master at writing things in the longest, most round-about way you can, and you will not use hyphens in your words for the entire month!  (hyphenated words only count as one word!) 

You will miss all the sales on Black Friday even though you will be up early that morning.  You will instead be typing for your life because you are only at 27k and need to reach 50k by midnight on the 30th.

 I’ve already scanned all of my sticky notes for the month of November to try desperately to update in the midst of all this craziness.  I wish all of you participating in Nano a hearty Good Luck.  As for myself – I’ve already started ingesting massive amounts of caffeine to get my body ready.

Sticky #2


Since I missed last week’s sticky, I thought I would add a second for this week, to make it fair and all.  This sticky is from the short story Little Twins.  I was trying to figure out where to start, and also figure out everyone’s ages (K is for Kindra/Kaye, G is Gar, and P is Pike).  The story takes place when the twins are 7, so I wasn’t able to add any Pike to the story, but Gar sort of takes over for him in the ‘bugging Kindra’ department.

Real Sticky #1


So, last week’s sticky didn’t exactally work out.  I recently purchased a new computer, and somehow it stopped working right around the time that I decided to attach the scanner.  I’ve fixed the problem now, but I missed last week’s sticky note post.  Please Forgive.

 This week’s sticky comes from Lane’s Girl.  The picture is of Archein, the largest city-state in the area, where Lane and Rebecca live.  I was trying to get an idea of the city layout – since drawing this sticky it has changed a bit, but that might make it onto a sticky later.

Sticky #1

Fie Eoin Cast - Illustration by LauraFie Eoin Crew - Illustration by Laura

The first Sticky Note is actually from a friend of mine who could be considered my own personal plot bunny. If I can’t come up with it, she can, and I always turn to her for help. Need a reason for Bryant to leave Fie Eoin? She’s got it. A disease that will last a long time without killing someone? She knows it. An illustrated drawing of the cast of your book – on Post-Its? Go to her.

My number one friend and fan, thank you to Laura for supplying the first Sticky Note.