Custom of the Week: Four Book Ponies!

Happy Sunday, Aledans! If you’ve been around CotW for a while you know I play favorites, and today’s “customs” are from one of my favorite people, Angela Wallace. We’ve seen her drawings before (in fact, we’ve seen Phoenix Feather and The Fourth Channel already), and this one does not disappoint. For those of you who don’t know, Angela’s an author (you can find her books on Kindle or Nook) and today’s “customs” all come from her friend’s books. Phoenix Feather is the peg with the fiery wings. Tiffany White‘s Football Sweetheart is the white earther with the pink hair. The Fourth Channel by Jen L Kirchner is the yellow earther with magenta hair. And the blue earther is The Ruth Valley Missing, by another good writing friend of mine, Amber West.

Phoenix Feather, Football Sweetheart, The Fourth Channel, and The Ruth Valley Missing, by Angela Wallace.
Phoenix Feather, Football Sweetheart, The Fourth Channel, and The Ruth Valley Missing, by Angela Wallace.

Hopefully we’ll see these beauties again in custom form!

If you have a pony that you would like featured as a Custom of the Week, please email me: (I’m now accepting all customs, whether they be story-based or not!)


Custom of the Week: Phoenix Feather

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I am so excited about today’s pony, Aledans. If you remember back to PonyFest11, Angela Wallace (author of Phoenix Feather and the Elemental Magic series, and all around awesome Aledan) drew a beautiful pony for the contest. She came in second place, but someone loved it enough to make her a custom of the drawing!

First, the drawing:

Phoenix Feather, by Angela Wallace

So pretty, right? But just look at what the customizer, katfate, did to turn this pony into a reality! Isn’t she gorgeous?

Phoenix Feather, by katfate.

The wings! The hair! The beautiful bright colors! This has got to be one of my favorite custom ponies of all time.

If you have a pony that you would like featured as a Custom of the Week, please email me:

And don’t forget, later this month I’ll be announcing this year’s PonyFest contest! Want a chance to win a custom pony based on your character or book? Stop by September 16th for the rules!

Playing Catch-up

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Yesterday was supposed to be Fie Eoin Friday, but I must admit – I’m a little burnt out on what has become “The Nameless Warrior” right now. Critiques are trickling in – most of them good, although I do have a few week spots I still need to work on (someone called Kaye a harpy, and someone else said they were surprised she moved to [redacted] and suddenly forgot to wear panties 😛 Kindra’s getting straight A’s so far though!). I’ve started reading through Apollo to see what needs work there (pacing, tension, and I feel like he’s a bit of a wimp for an athletic high school boy), and I’m lining up some trusted First Readers for that project. Mostly though, I’m catching up on my TBR pile.

I finished Game of Thrones, read A Million Suns and Phoenix Feather, will be finishing The Near Witch this weekend, and will be reading Dies Irae this weekend as well (PS. Christine will be here on Feb 6th with a guest post on what inspired her new series!). I still have the rest of the Fire and Ice series, Delirium, The Silver Eagle (I won a hardcover of this book, and it’s been so long that the NEXT hardcover in the series has come out!), 11/22/63, Elemental Magic, Beautiful Creatures, The Clockwork Prince, Cornerstone, The Six Elements of Style, and Crash Into You that I can think of off the top of my head. Also a few little crit projects for some of the lovely people who read The Nameless Warrior for me.

That doesn’t even include Google Reader. I’m afraid to even look at the link to that, for fear it might burst into flames and consume me.

But it feels good to start coming back from Fie Eoin. I’ve been living there for so long it’s strange to come back to the real world again. Pulling my head out of the “editing zone” and reading for fun, or *gasp* playing WoW, feels like wasting time. I have to keep reminding myself that there is no deadline. I don’t have to constantly carry around my red pen and be on alert for weak sentences (btw, do you know how hard it is to find a weak sentence in A Million Suns? Do you? If you don’t you should go pick up a copy and grab a red pen. I dare you to mark a single page).

So I’m not quite back to the world of the living and blogging, but I’m catching up. Is there anything exciting in your life that I missed while I was gone?


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Welcome to PonyFest11 everyone!

Daughter of Aleda

Today voting begins for the Custom Pony Contest! The pony above represents the Faye Priestesses of Aleda. The symbol on her flank is wisteria, which is the symbol for the Mother Goddess and grows all over the cliff where the Faye live. Maybe next year I’ll do a Warrior of Eoin pony. Or a Kaye/Kindra hybrid (the symbol for the twins is a pegasus, actually).

And now on to the entries! Click on the ponies below to go to their website (there may be more than one pony at the website!) and then vote for your favorite before October 15th. The winner gets a copy of Kalavista’s book “The Secret of Shadow” as well as a custom of their winning pony!

EDIT: I made a huge mistake and got my days mixed up, which left out two entries! IF YOU VOTED ON OCT 4TH PLEASE VOTE AGAIN. I had to wipe the poll and start over!

Mariana, by Chelsy
Phoenix Feather, by Angela
Ponies in Space, by Beth
Innocence Saga, by Lissa
Jacob, Kira, Farrah, by Juliana
Tomohiro, by Amanda
Tawny Lester, by Aaron